My Favorite Airplane Hack for Kids


You hear the horror stories, the crying baby, the toddler kicking your seat, the mean grandma across the way who doesn’t smile back when your sweet baby is smiling at her. I’ve never had such anxiety as I watch everyone come down the aisle wondering what lucky son of a gun is going to be sitting next to us.  Also, nothing is more hilarious than watching someone that just looks grumpy realize they are next to you and your two children. You may have been on either end of  the spectrum ( being the mom or being the observer) but let me tell you, it is WORSE to be the mom with the crying or crazy child. There is this looming fear over all moms when we board the plane, crossing our fingers, saying our prayers and doing all we can do make sure our kiddos are good, I mean exceptionally good. NO mom wants a bad kid on a plane!

My Trick. Well, Actually It Was My Mom’s First.

I can’t promise my trick will work to keep your kid perfect because it doesn’t even keep mine perfect but it sure helps enough to share it with you guys! Plus, my mom is the actual inventor of this trick but I copy basically everything she ever did with me and my siblings because well.. she’s my mom and that’s what we do haha!  Plus it is CHEAP, like $6 dollars cheap for a flight to Hawaii.


1. Pick Your Toys!

Here is the skinny. Let’s say your flight is 6 hours long, which is the flight that I have just before us as we head to Kauai, you will need to go to the DOLLAR STORE or the Cheap section at Target and buy SIX gifts. Literally one present for every hour. If your child is exceptionally crazy you can do a present every half hour. In my case, I went to the dollar store and got six gifts. I picked out some coloring books, a puzzle, some candy (which he gets every OTHER hour for the sake of everyone around him) a toy, and some stickers. There are so many dumb toys that will only last about an hour anyways but for one dollar I can’t complain.



You may not think this part is important, but it is not just important its VITAL. The wrapping paper is the big difference, it gives the element of surprise and takes up a few minutes to open… plus just the visual of unopened gifts is a serious serious incentive for children to behave in between gifts. I didn’t have any at home so I bought this cheap wrapping paper for a dollar, and my nephews are coming as well so I bought some different wrapping paper for the brothers so it was obvious which presents were whose!




3. Number Them

Alright so say your flight is six hours like mine is going to be, you’re going to get six little envelopes that you will eventually tape onto the actual gift. I cut up some note cards so they would fit in the little envelopes and on each card I wrote a little riddle or question that Wyatt has to answer before he can open the gift. You guys heard me, its all about selling the present, be a good Hype Man haha! Here are some questions I wrote for Wyatt and my nephews who are three and five…

  1. What animal says Moo?
  2. What fruit is yellow and has to be peeled before you eat it?
  3. What color eyes does daddy have?
  4. Who is Grandmas oldest Son?
  5. How many thumbs do you have
  6. How many wheels on a car
  7. What is a color that begins with the letter “G”

Tape the numbers On The Gift

Tape the numbers on each of the gifts, it will help you and them count and get excited for the next number! Plus, you may want to dangle the number “3” in front of them as they are tempted to lash out or get crazy haha. Im actually laughing out loud typing this because I feel like a bad mom with serious bribery but on a plane I am literally willing to do just about anything.


Hope this little trick helps you! I know it seems like it could take some time but it only took me a total of about an hour from the store to the wrapping! Hope you guys are all doing well, have the best weekend!


xo, Stephanie

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