Kindness Challenge Week 3: Fill up the Mailbox Not the Inbox


Happy Monday guys! I  hope you are all doing great, my fingers are freezing while I type this.. California decided winter was going to return so we have been bundled up crazy the past week! Anyways, welcome to week THREE! If you’ve been here all along or just joining us, we are Happy you’re here! This world NEEDS kindness and doing this challenge has really helped me open my eyes to being conscious of doing kind acts, and I’ve heard some really inspiring feedback from people as well so thank you!

The power of a handwritten letter is greater than ever. It’s personal and deliberate and means more than an e-mail or text ever will. It has a unique scent. It requires deciphering. But, most important, it’s flawed. – Ashton Kutcher

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Gosh, in today’s world we are obsessed with instant communication though emails, text messages, and social media, while receiving a letter is rare. Even though technology has changed the way we communicate, receiving a handwritten, personalized note still touches our emotions in a way instant communication tools can only dream about.

This week I am going to challenge you all to get your pens out, an envelope and write a letter. It can be short, it can be long, and it can be any form. Maybe its reaching out to someone you haven’t seen or talked to in a while, or maybe its to your husband’s work!


Sit down. Breathe. Write.

Most importantly to you mamas, lets write letters WITH our kids this week. There is something fun about sitting down, having them draw a picture, stuff it in the envelope, choose a recipient, placing the stamp, licking the envelope, and putting it in the mailbox that will have them all sorts of happy. PLUS, you will probably get a letter in return and what young child doesn’t want to receive a letter in the mail? The only letters Wyatt gets are from Gavin’s adorable grandma (Hi GG!) every holiday. HE loves them.


Teach our kids the lost art of letter writing. Teach them patience and process.

“…but today I am going to challenge everyone to just go out and do something for someone, anything, the smallest thing just to bring another human being some joy. ” – Drake Said it, we are just here for the punch.

Tag me or keep sending the photos! Get creative and have fun people! Have the best week, grateful for all of you!


xo, Stephanie




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      February 27, 2018 / 4:37 pm

      Thanks so much Kelly!

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