Kindness Challenge: Week 2

Two weeks ago sitting in my children’s messy room I thought about starting this kindness challenge. In a million years I would have never guessed the horrific actions that took the lives of multiple children would have occurred, and it sadly gave me confirmation that this world couldn’t just use a kindness challenge, it desperately needs one. Let’s take on week two in honor of those lives that were lost.

All over social media I see the same image pop up, a tan little note that writes thoughts and prayers, but the thoughts and prayers are crossed out and over it are the words “Policy and Change”. It calls us to DO something, to take action and in my heart of hearts I believe the thing that I can actually DO is to create a space at home full of love, be a good mom and wife, and make a small change in someone’s day by being kind. I have a feeling you may be in the same boat as me, we may not be able to do huge things but we can lighten the load of this crazy world by… you guessed it.. being KIND.

SO it’s our turn to DO something….

Welcome to Week 2

Last week, we covered the home. This week, we are going to go out of our personal space and into our communities where doing a random act of kindness can feel a little less personal, but go along way. In fact, we may not even see or hear the reaction from those who receive our act of kindness but that’s part of the fun knowing someone out there was at the other end of the good deed.

A Windshield.

This week, we are going to place something on the windshield of a car. If you still feel like you want to keep your challenge close to home you can choose a neighbor or someone who lives close to your house. If you want to go out to a grocery store you can do that too or anywhere in a public setting! Cars are everywhere and putting something on a windshield takes little effort and is easily accessible!

What are we going to place? Flowers. Any style, from the ground or from the store, flowers are a sign of happiness and intention and will certainly brighten someone’s day. It’s simple, its easy and we can ALL do this for free ( pick a wildflower) or for just a little at the store!


HERE is a printable that I found on you can print out and place with your flower OR write a personal note! I can’t wait to see what you guys do, last week I loved getting messages from those that did it! If you are doing the challenge I would LOVE if you would message me on Instagram or shoot me and email at I have something I am doing for next week and I would love your emails! Thank you!

You guys are great, have the best week!

xo, Stephanie




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