I married the love of my life October 4th, 2014 at the beautiful Loriana Estate in San Luis Obispo. His name is Gavin Burkard and he is 25 years young. Let me tell you, he is the most handsome human being i’ve ever seen and his heart is even better, sometimes I really can’t believe I tricked him into marrying me!


I became a mama on August 27th, 2016 to our first son Wyatt James Burkard. Having him has changed my life, he made my dream of being a mother come true. He is constantly showing us what life is all about, making us laugh and bringing joy to everyone he comes in contact with.


You may see photos of our 1966 Bronco here and there on our Blog! We bought it when we got engaged and rebuilt it from the ground up, it was tiring but full of triumphs and failures I wouldn’t trade for the world. We cherish the car because it has so many wonderful memories attached to it, and it brings us tons of fun!