Family Trip to Kauai

There are moments in life where I can literally feel the fullness of my heart. It’s a feeling I wish I could bottle up and save to give to someone having a bad day. The past ten days with my little family have brought more smiles and laughs than Gavin or I could have imagined.  

If you follow along my social media or blog you know that Kauai has a very special place in our hearts, I have been coming here now for over 20 years, we were engaged here, I’ve floated in the pool 36 weeks pregnant here, and each year Kauai serves as our little getaway from reality. Between Gavin’s work schedule, building a new house, and living in guest units over the past year I can truthfully tell you i’ve had a LOT to juggle both physically and mentally while doing my best to maintain stability in my families life. 

The busyness of life was grasping at me, I felt like I was “needed” in so many directions I decided the very thing that kept me attached to all these different elements in life was my phone. My phone was the lifeline to my busy lifestyle, so I decided to do something that embarrassingly enough, scared me. The second I thought about doing it I got a bit of anxiety which was exactly the reason I decided I needed to do it. I changed my voicemail and left my phone turned off, on the dresser in our house. It wasn’t just social media or email that were grabbing my attention, it was the ability to be mindless by looking at a screen, the accessibility to anything I could think of that derailed me from what was in front of me or inside my head.  It was no doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Phoneless and disconnected enabled me to see every single happy smile and moment through my own eyes. I can’t tell you how much time I spent thinking, which sounds so weird but it’s the truth. I sat in my own thoughts, and did a lot of thinking which I didn’t realize until I truly thought about how my phone really takes me away from my own thoughts and reflection. 

  I brought my camera because I love taking pictures and video so I was able to capture these memories without feeling the need to instantly share them with anyone. The happiness from keeping them to ourselves far outweighed any gratification from an outsider, we truly lived each moment and as I can write this I can feel it in my heart. 

We got up every morning at the crack of dawn thanks to our human alarm clocks, and sat on the porch watching the waves hit the rocks with a cup of Kauai coffee in our hands. The first three days my mom and our best family friend Lori were there so Gavin and I were able to go workout together and have some alone time. We worked out, then walked and chatted so far away from the realities of life, moments and conversations I’ll cherish forever. 

We spent the next week adventuring, swimming, seeing as much of the island we could. We biked, kayaked, paddle boarded, swam with turtles, devoured ice cream and shave ice, napped, and relaxed. I will write more about the things we did but today I just want to write about the power of being together and disconnected from reality. 

Bottom line, life can wait. Everything that I put on hold is still there, anything that is only accessible by phone is not as important as the lives of your family. What life has demanded of me can in Gavin’s word “sit the bench.” I hope if this post does anything for you, it inspires you to experience the best moments without your phone.

 Made a video of our amazing trip on Youtube! Check it out below and I’ll talk to you guys soon!




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