Fun Things To Do With Kids To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day always comes at the perfect time, the holidays are over and the new year starts with a ton of good intentions and a will power to be the best “you.” It only makes sense that the first real holiday we celebrate is the one that focuses on the one true thing that gets us through life, love.

As the years go on, Valentine’s Day takes on new meanings and looking back it is pretty fun to see the growth of love in my life. I could honestly say that love is the most powerful feeling in the world, from my husband to my children, my faith and my family there is literally nothing that is more motivating to me than the people that I love. So of course I want to celebrate and make it fun! I did a few little things I thought I would share with you guys that have made this season more fun than it already is. You can do these with your kids, spouse, family ect..


Make Cookies or Order them from a bakery! I worked with Melanie’s Cookies on these and they are to die for! I love her design and they are delicious. She made these for the kiddos and for the teachers. Being a preschool rookie mom I’m learning how fun it is to find cool teacher gifts! Check out the Instagram behind this amazing baker, she can make something for you guys just in time!

Decorations! Ive always found that decorating gets me so much more in the spirit! I worked with Kate from @baloongirlslo on these and she totally knocked them out of the park! She even personalized them with Rosie and Wyatt’s names! She is a Senior in college who started her own little business and is totally killing it! If you look at the picture of the big balloon, she can actually make and deliver that to someone you love on Valentine’s Day! I would literally die if someone delivered that adorable balloon to me, its such a fun and unique gift! Find her HERE!

Class Valentine’s! Do Something different!

Our babysitter Gina is a craft genius, I worked with her and Wyatt and we found the perfect Valentine’s for his class! He is obsessed with dinosaurs and candy of course so this worked perfect! It was only 11.99 for a big bucket of rock candy and we created the rest on the cricket!

Valentine’s Love Hearts!

These are pretty set explanatory but the kids love them, little hearts for each day up to Valentine’s Day or if you want, just put them up the morning of Valentine’s Day on a wall or a door! It’s fun to teach them about love, that love can be little or big!

I hope that you can find some inspiration from todays post and celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone you love! Hope you all have a great weekend!



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