A Trip To Mount Pinos & Why It’s All About Heart

  Happy Wednesday everyone, hope this post reaches you at a happy time in your week! I am sitting here with coffee at a desk with no outlet and a computer at 18% so here we go!

Ever get back from a vacation and feel like you’re full of energy instead of drained of it? I definelty have had those times where I get home and I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation, thankfully this wasn’t one of them. For Christmas, my mom gave us an experience gift which was the best gift idea ever. I had originally wanted to go to this little cabin for Gavin’s birthday but instead she gifted it to us for Christmas and we were so happy.




We wanted to go to the snow with the kids but the 5-6 hour drive from our house to the big time snow places like Mammoth and China Peak sounded daunting and pricy when we considered Gavin’s time off and driving long hours with two children under 4. We didn’t have a lot of time and we wanted to spend as little amount of time in the car as possible. Mount Pinos was our choice, and a good one it was. This sleepy little mountain town was amazing, the easiest, most perfect getaway for our family.




Our kids looked like marshmallows, so fluffy and impossible to hold with all their snow gear. Gloves, hats, jackets, pants and snow jackets you name it we had it on them. We were the very typical snow “rookies” and we ordered everything under the sun to prevent our kids from being cold. The thought of cold toes reminded me of college winters in Boulder, Colorado and I wasn’t about to put them through that pain, so we ordered little snow boots and these amazing socks from Amazon! I swear I am over here freezing my booty off in my Lululemon pants and borrowed boots from my aunt, and my kids are dressed to the nines but I guess that’s motherhood. You guys would have laughed if you saw me the week prior to our snow trip, the amount of Amazon boxes full of snow gear that came in was ridiculous. I am turning into my grandma, who literally winces at the thought of my kiddos being cold.

When we drove into Mount Pinos, it had snowed the night before so it felt a little bit like driving into a winter wonderland. The roads were white and the perfect amount of white snow rested on top of the trees. No brown snow, no tire tracks it was such a dreamy scene and we were so graeful to experience it. Wyatt was screaming “snow, snow, snow” and Rosie was sleeping. When we arrived at the cabin, I started laughing like no freaking way this is happening.

The cutest log cabin was covered in snow, no footprints, perfect swing hanging from a large oak tree, and a little light on in the cabin we were lucky to call ours.

I’l never forget the crisp cold air, and the gush of warm air as we opened the cabin door. You know when you think of the little cabin in the snow and the cozy feeling, this cabin had all the feels. For only $132 a night, this was nothing fancy, but perfect in every way. The board games were endless, Wyatt learned to play Candy Land with us and actually won, there was an old popcorn maker, and an old ice cream maker. We made ourselves at home and I cooked some fresh bread and soup from the Cusack Family Cookbook my grandma just gave me.


Okay im literally laughing out loud right now at the paragraph above, it sounds so domesticated and perfect but in my life which is SO NOT and totally full of imperfect moments but you’ve got to believe me when I say this moment really did feel surreal. It truly felt like we were hours away, just our little family and nothing else. After the crazy of the holidays and life I felt like I never wanted to leave, just the four of us and a warm fire had my mama heart overflowing with graciousness. God is good

In a matter of minutes the kids were bundled up and we were up the road to this little sledding spot. Two other local families were there for a brief moment and then left so we literally had this place to ourselves. Wyatt went down with Gavin, then Rosie, then our entire family which you can see on my Instagram was hilarious. I don’t know if Gavin or the kids were having more fun, Gavin was running up that hill and sledding back down in record speed. Rosie loved sledding, she is such a dare devil we finally let her go down on the last day and she was so cute.

This trip was a great reminder that the biggest adventures don’t have to be grand. This was a cabin two hours from our house, nothing grandiose or fancy but we put heart into it. We prepared, talked it up and really found joy in the simple little 2 day getaway. Joy in the old country we played as we drove up, joy in the smell of the fresh bread, or in Rosie’s little marshmallow looking self waddling around the snow, joy in Wyatt’s smile as he sled down a hill for the first time. As parents sometimes it can feel daunting to do a big trip or getaway but this snow trip proved to us that it doesn’t matter the scale of the adventure, it’s how much heart you put into it that makes it great.


I hope you guys have an amazing week, life is really about perspective and I’m learning that more and more everyday. 




To See The Cabin we Stayed At – Click Here!


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