2018: 3 Lessons I’ve Learned

Is it just me or does it happen to you that every year on the last day of December I look back and think the year just completely flew by? Like there is this happy memory of 2018 with a bunch of good moments and some tough ones too that all come together and make me feel like it all passed too quickly. The quote “the days are long but the years are short” never felt so true as I meet you guys here today.

This year was crazy. We lived half of the year as gypsies with 3/4 of our belongings in storage because we bought a new farmhouse that now has to be torn down and rebuilt. My brother and sister both got married which was amazing, and we traveled a TON. We really lived this year, and with a whole lotta’ living comes a whole lotta’ lessons so I wanted to share with you a three good lessons I learned.

Being a Parent to Young Children is a True Gift.

After my sisters rehersal dinner Gavin sat on a step with Wyatt at the San Luis Obispo Mission. Wyatt was fast asleep on his chest as always, and Gavin sat in peace just holding him tight while looking around. The two of them were just far enough away from me that I considered myself and observer of the special moment. Out of nowhere, a spanish man came up to Gavin and took a minute or two and told him something. In cool Gavin fashion he smiled so sincere and nodded his head, and the man was on his way. An hour or so later I remembered to ask Gavin what he said and what the man told him, and it was one of the most memorable lessons of 2018.

He said, ” Hi there, I know you don’t know me but i’ve been watching you sitting her with your little son. I just want to say its a beautful thing to watch you truly enjoy your simple moment with him. You know, im 68 and my son is now 18 and I would give up an entire year of my life just to have a day back with him when he was that age.” Re typing that story makes me cry, but we both realized the gravity of how special this time is with our young children. When our problems are about who took the goldfish box down and spilt it everywhere, or why Rosie keeps putting her hands in the toilet, it makes me smile. 2018 taught me to be grateful that i get to spend my days raising these precious little humans. I get to smile and laugh every single day because God blessed us with the gift of parenthood.

Lesson 2: Be Patient with your Burdens for they are likely Blessings in Disguise

I feel like this year God has given me 3489767889 moments that I have to really evaluate whether it is a burden or a blessing. Like at first glance it seems horrible but with patience and perspective i’ve learned so much. What i’ve learned from these moments collectively are that so many times what seems like a burden is actually just a heavily dressed blessing and with little uncovering turns out to be amazing. The most obvious that stands out was the purchase of our farmhouse. When we bought it in July we rented out our other home thinking we could move right in, turns out the entire farmhouse has to be torn down. Had we stopped there and lost hope it would have been horrible. However as we peeled back and patiently waited we are now going to be able to build a brand new home and keep our barn and guest unit. Its a huge blessing, that was at one moment disguised as a burden.

Lessons 3: Be Ruthless in Keeping Your Families Well Being

At the beginning of this year I read this article from a young-ish girl who was dying of cancer, she said “be ruthless for you and your families well being”. It truly touched me and the mindset I had as a wife, mom, daughter, cousin and friend. She spoke briefly on the importance of being ruthless for your families well being. The importance of agressively pursuing your best self for the purpose of yourself and your family, that honoring yourself and losing your roots was a death trap by society she wished we wouldn’t fall for. It was probably one of the most influential pieces of literature I read. Well I took that and ran with it, and with every step I took to care for myself had my family and life as a whole in mind. My life is more than myself, its a pile of a million pieces of things that make me whole, and I really did my best to take care of it all. Did I fail at moments, yes. But it was a mindset shifter that really helped me and im grateful for that.

I think i’ll end there, but as 2018 closes I also want to thank each of you guys for following my blog. In some weird way when I sit at my computer I feel a sense of community from you all. This outlet has been an amazing blessing that I don’t take for granted. I absolutely love writing, and knowing there are people on the other end that enjoy reading it makes it even better. From my heart to yours, I wish you the best 2019. I hope you find happiness in each day over the small things.




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