Lived in Beach Waves with Dani Cepeda

There is nothing better than a relaxed beach wave done right and there is nothing worse than a bad curling job. I can say that because I’ve been on both ends.

There are a lot of things I will never come to know or understand, and I like to call them the mysteries of life. You know, the magical place all of your single socks and backs of earrings go.. in that abyss of goodness also lies the mystery of how I am totally incapable of recreating what my hair stylist does to my hair! More often than not my hair is pulled back, tied in a literal knot and left to fend for itself but the days that I put effort into it are full of questions. However, unlike the socks, I actually sought out to find the answer to this mystery and It happened to be through one of my very favorite hair stylist turned great friend, Dani Cepeda.

Dani Cepeda has been my hairstylist for a while now and I don’t know if I love her, or her talents as a hair stylist more, she is an all around jewel. We always chat it up throughout my appointment and one time we shared a good laugh as I expressed to her just how impossible it is to do my hair once I step foot out of the salon. She had the answer and I had the platform, so here we are!


Use Thermal Protectant.

She sprayed this all over my hair. Since she put the curling iron at 455 degrees, she emphasized the importance of using one of these!

 Section hair

Dani used a 2 dollar hair clip you can find basically anywhere and sectioned my hair. Always curl the bottom before the top!  Her 1 1/4 inch Hot tools curling iron was set to 455!

Warm The Hair

First time through the hair, use the curling iron and literally just warm up the hair. She said that hair is much more likely to respond well when its warm already

 Front of the ear = Away from the face

Anything in front of the ear, curl away from the face. Once you do both the top and the bottom of the front piece, you can do whatever around the back. Forward and backwards mix is best.

Don’t curl the ends!

Dani leaves a pretty large amount of hair out of the iron. It was surprising how much. This is another good reason why you should get the hair warm first with the curling iron because it helps soothe out those edges since they are not curled.

Volume Pieces

Take tiny little pieces at the top and wrap them around your curling iron like a wand, this is the first time in the entire curling experience she used her curling iron like a wand. Take little pieces around the crown and wrap them around to create more volume. Around my hair she probably did 11 pieces of hair, again leaving the ends out!

Use a good texturizing spray!

She actually sprayed quite a bit of it in my hair, had me lean my head back and flip forward!

We are going to do another tutorial in  few months on wash in-out colors!!!!! So excited! Hope you all enjoyed this!


Oh and P.S I actually had someone tell me I need to spell check haha I am going to be totally honest. I never really read through my blog posts once write them, if I did it wouldn’t be as real and I would probably end up sounding like a school paper. I just skim them so I wish I was sorry that my spelling isn’t perfect but I’m not! I usually write in between poopie diapers and meltdowns so don’t expect perfection from me!





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  1. Lucy
    June 2, 2018 / 9:00 pm

    Your hair always looks so good!!! Love Dani 💛

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