Six Things! My Recent Struggles, Old People, and My Letter To The Young Girls Out There .

Just took a sip of my Vanilla Latte at my favorite little coffee shop in Arroyo Grande, Andreini’s and I’m ready to chat. By chat I mean write to those of you out there! This Blog is my journal, and most of my posts lately have been centered around trips or specific things but today I just wanted to chat a little, let you guys in on our life and some of my thoughts lately! SO here’s to my six things! From Rosie and Wyatt to Old people, I cover just about everything on my mind.

Rosie + Wyatt

Full speed ahead.

Guys, Rosie has a tooth and she’s crawling! She took her first official crawl in Tulum, which was fun because she was surrounded by our family and grandparents! She is everywhere, I forgot how much more often I need to be sweeping and washing the hardwood floors. The girls eats anything and everything in sight, including the Bandaid I practically gagged as I got out of her mouth yesterday. Truth. Wyatt is a funny dude, he actually wants to be Gavin. Literally, he goes into his closet when he is gone at work and puts his shoes out and comes out and says “Mama, its me Gavin” and he has a full blown convo with me. A few days ago, I handed him the oatmeal and he goes “Thanks Babe” I was laughing out loud for so long, he is such a little sponge. He is also a huge lover, he and Rosie are finally playing together and it’s so nice because I can leave them alone for a little in their room and not worry!

My Recent Struggle

A Balancing Act

Lately I’ve dealt with a little bit of a funk trying to find out the balance of extra curricular activities. Sometimes I look around and think holy crap we are not doing enough classes or joining enough things, and other times I am so grateful for the little amount of classes we need to be at! My mom brain says do gymnastics, soccer, pottery class, Ju Jitsu, baby yoga however I have to reel myself back in and think that these moments where there is no agenda is something I will miss dearly! Do you guys struggle with that too?

Now Boarding

Nonstop Travel

Holy cow, traveling has been constant since March and I don’t hate it because the reason for all this travel has been amazing. We are certainly blessed to be able to go places but it can take a toll on us ALL. I really enjoy routine at home and going to the grocery store, actually finishing the laundry, and doing little things like visiting my Papa. When we travel I feel like I spend the 3 days before and the 6 days after adjusting! I type this as I’m about to hop on a plane with my two babies tomorrow to Georgia! My little brother Scotty, who has really become a really good friend of mine is graduating and there is a 100% chance I will cry because graduation and weddings make me so emotional!

Old People

I know I have a good thing before its gone.

I’ve really been feeling the love of my grandparents lately. Mexico was a bit of a wake up call just how unique and special it is I have all my grandparents together. We are all going to be together again this weekend in Georgia, and next weekend in Texas so I’m ┬áreally going to do my best to soak it in! I am thinking of doing an Instagram Story to introduce you all to them because they are SO CUTE. Gavin and I always talk about how much we wish we were raised in their generation.


Prettiest thing on Instagram.

Writing is prettier

┬áI want to learn Calligraphy, I can seriously go into a trance when I’m watching videos of people writing. I follow the #calligraphy so little videos will pop up and its addicting to watch! Writing by hand and especially in cursive is SUCH a lost art, I am determined to bring it back into my life.


To my Young Girls

I see you.

To my young girls: I see you liking my photos, I see your sweet messages, and sometimes your moms even tell me you follow me! I hope I inspire you, because you inspire me! You inspire me to be someone you see on social media that is real, and someone you can look up to. Sometimes my heart breaks for your generation having easy access to these social media platforms but then I think and hope that you use it to fill your feeds with happy people, people that make you feel good about yourself and not bad. Be selfish when it comes to what you see in your feeds, unfollow what makes you second guess that you are not perfect the way you are. Lastly, there is not a single person on Instagram or Snapchat whose opinions or comments matter more than those that love you.

That’s all!






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