Day On The Farm with Central Coast Meats

I would be lying if I told you I was the type of mom who had to have the perfect, organic, local menu each night for dinner. In fact, I often fall short to Mac N Cheese and hot dogs more than I should. But when I get the opportunity to serve my family quality food, I never turn it down. Last week, Central Coast Meats took us on board, to a farm in the middle of nowhere, showed us their operations and completely changed my perspective.




Ever reach your mid life crisis in your early twenties? Personally never heard of it until I met with  Kyle Clement, one of the founders of Central Coast Meats. That “early” life crisis led him away from a desk job at a software company and into the pastures and wide open spaces 24 miles outside Santa Margarita, California. I am always a huge fan of those who pursue their passions with heart and determination and Central Coast Meats is the perfect exmaple of just that.


Along with his co founder, Dylan Sweet and under the mentorship of Avenales Ranch sixth generation owner, Daniel Sinton birthed a company that believed in an alternative and different way to raise and sell meat. A way that I, as a mother and the cook in the kitchen am extremely excited to share with you guys today!

To reset the local meat standard through transparency, education, innovation, and integrity.

Central Coast Meats



A Room With A View

When we drove up to the farm, we met Daniel Sinton who is the mentor and owner of the acreage where Central Coast Meats comes alive. Daniel shared stories of his six generation operation and instantly we were hooked,  Old school ways have always had our hearts and the combination of his old school ways and Kyle’s new ideas and energy made for quite a dynamic and innovative duo.


They took Wyatt on the horses, let him ride on the tractors and gave us a tour of what felt like a mini slice of paradise. Daniel even graciously shared with us his wine, whose grapes were literally in sight of where we were standing. Gavin and I made eye contact about 50 times in agreement that we would do anything to live out in a place like that.



After running around and chatting a bit, they took us to where the animals are raised. I was in awe. In the middle of a huge beautiful green pasture were the homes of the chickens. Talk about a room with a view. They were happy, healthy and Kyle showed us the ins and outs of raising them. The same went for all the animals there, as we drove in we were greeted by cattle, and as we toured the place we had Blue, Kyle’s Great Pyrenees by our side. This is how animals should be raised and treated regardless if they are family pets or livestock. Seeing how this company operated was awe inspiring.







Enter the Box. Literally a box of fresh meat from this amazing little slice of paradise to your front door, all with an easy click of a few buttons. This meat box is my new obsession and it is FULL of goodies. The box we received today had steaks of all sorts and a beautiful full chicken. There is nothing fresher or more personal than Central Coast Meats, they do it how it should be done. Bottom line.



“You and your family have the right to transparency and wholesome food. You also have the right to a damn good dinner on a Friday night, and a few beers to get you there, if you so choose. We are here to make sure that happens.”

Central Coast Meats

How do you get this box to your door? Order it HERE! Click of a few buttons and you’ll be right there with us! The prices are competitive to any organic and pasture raised meat and in my opinion, the quality is unbeatable! If you want to enter in my Instagram Giveaway, we will be picking one Lucky winner to receive a box of their own! CLICK HERE

 I can’t promise the days of Mac N Cheese will end, because I know I would be lying if I said that. However, now that I am more aware of the options I have right in front of me in Central Coast Meats, to provide my family with wholesome food, I will certainly be making the choice I know my family deserves

Have THE best week,





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