The Basics on Shooting Blog Photos: What I Use and How!

You guys! Happy Hump Day, I hope this meets you at a happy time in your day and week. Life over here is dandy, we are slowwwwing way down this month and it feels amazing. Not going to lie I was feeling extremely overwhelmed in December so having nothing to do most days has been a huge blessing. Resetting is important! Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys some tricks and tips/what I use for taking my pictures! I have had inquiry about it and have sat on the idea of doing a post like this because I feel SO unqualified but hey… it works for me so it might work for you! I’m going to do my best at answering the questions I’ve received, and ill link the products I use!


I have this sucker to thank for everything, and my super talented brother in law  for telling me what to get. I have the Sony Alpha 3600, its pretty amazing. At this point, I feel like I’m driving a Ferrari in Automatic with little knowledge of the power of this little guy but I’m slowly learning! I usually shoot in Auto but I’m learning how to shoot in RAW form because I am starting to edit in Lightroom! You can check out my camera HERE! I love this camera so much, I have the very basic lens and I feel like it covers all my needs at this point but I’m looking to get another lens this year! This camera sends photos directly to my phone,it’s so easy to take multiple extremely clear photos, its smaller than you would think and lightweight so I’m not juggling around this massive camera in public. I HIGHLY suggest this camera to anyone looking for a good one!


Best investment. As a mom my camera doesn’t stay in a pretty little case all day only to be taken out for photos. I am always on the go and I bring my camera everywhere because I’ve found the best photo opportunities come at THE most random times! Anyways, the camera strap is the best because the camera kinda just slings around my neck and I’m able to pick up and hold babies, juggle things and have it right there, safe on my neck! The camera strap I have is from one of my very favorite brands, Nena & Co. The camera straps are a hot commodity there and because they are all handmade, they often sell out soon after they post! So if you want one like mine, keep checking their site! I’ve also seen some cute ones on!LRG_DSC08745


Literally before I realized a tripod is not that expensive and easy to use, I would stack my camera on my coffee table on top of like 20 books, looking back now it is comical. Gavin works and most of the time it’s just me and the kiddos so if I want to get a shot of us all I need somewhere to put my camera, I use the tripod. The one we have is adjustable and folds up super small so I can literally fit it in my diaper bag! HERE is the one we have! Two ways I take my photos are by timer and by wireless remote called Play Memories App. The Play Memories App is an application I downloaded for free onto my Sony Camera that allows me to see the image on my phone and literally press a button on my phone remotely and the camera takes the photo!

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 11.13.14 AM



I take a ton of photos, in fact I think I have like 24K on my phone that I need to go through as soon as I can! Anyways, whenever I’m shooting my kids or our family I shoot away and generally get anywhere from 40-70 photos before I even look back. Correction, I usually look at the first few to make sure it looks how I think it does, then shoot like crazy. Any of you know with kids, capturing that one smiling photo after saying “1..2…3” is impossible. Taking continuous shots allows me to then download the photos from the camera to my phone and keep the (usually very few) that turn out.


One day I will go more into details on my editing because for right now I’m really just in the middle of learning! I use Lightroom only, no Photoshop! To be honest I’m a bit nervous to learn how to use Photoshop because I feel like I would create an obsession with perfection and I really like keeping our photos as real as possible. Just like anyone trying to learn something, I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos to learn the basics. THIS is the one I watched first. HERE Is the Lightroom download, which is a program that must be purchased and I like this one because it’s a Cloud Program so I can use it on all my devices!


Okay I think that’s enough information for now, I will happily go into more details on each topic another time because I feel like I hardly scratched the surface! Taking photos has quickly became a big hobby of mine and im excited to share with you guys more and more as I learn! Hope you all have a great week! Tomorrow we are literally headed to a FARM with our pals at Central Coast Meats… stay tuned to my Instagram for a killer giveaway and insight to a great company!





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