My Reflection,Goals And How Just Eight Minutes Might Change My Year

Hey everyone, hope this post reaches you well on this happy Sunday! We cannot knock this dang plague that has hit everyone we know, just when we think we are better.. boom right back down! Anyways, all this time indoors has really given me an opportunity to think about what 2017 has meant to me, and what my hopes are for 2018!




I could redo 2017 over and over again and be thrilled, it was filled with a ridiculous amount of joy and happiness. We found out we were expecting a little girl, took our first trip to Disneyland, vacationed in Kauai, took on Charleston with my girlfriends, went back to College 7 Months pregnant, Celebrated Wyatt’s Second Birthday, was in my best friends wedding, and most importantly met our sweet Rosie girl on August. We had a year full of family and joy, and for that I’m extremely grateful.


With every great year comes its down moments of course and one hit us surprisingly hard. Our hometown hero, Ryan Teixeira passed away after an intense battle with cancer. As a family we followed along his Caringbridge and were extremely impacted by his resilience and character despite the fact we didn’t know him near as well as we would have liked. His family continued on a charity, 17 Strong,which grants victory trips to those 18 and over and has already impacted lives for the better.¬†¬†Check it out.

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So what about 2018? Will it be a year of the same happiness and joy?I would like to hope so but the realist in me says anything can happen so for now I’m just grateful for the wonderful year we have had! What I do know is this year ahead is full of LOVE! My baby sister and older brother are both getting married, we have some fun vacations planned as a family, my sister Mimmish and my cousin Macy are both having babies and our crazy family always has a few good surprises so I’m certain there will be more to celebrate!





With the new year comes the obvious. Goals. I love goals, I love setting them and reaching them although to be honest I often fall short. This year, I’m setting one goal and one concept that will take me through 2018. I call it, 8 minuets for 2018.

Like everyone, I want the cleaner car, the spotless home, the extra time to spend reading to my children, the extra couple minutes at the gym to get me to my goal weight, I want to call my grandparents, write more letters, do nicer gestures for my friends and have plenty of good genuine face to face conversations. A couple of days ago sitting on the couch I couldn’t help but realize all the little things I want to do take such a short amount of time but have such a heavy impact! I came to the conclusion that if I just kept the motto “8 More minuets for 2018” then I could accomplish so many of the little things I want to accomplish. Eight extra minutes is doable. It’s two and a half songs on the radio, it’s not going to drastically change my day but it will help me create habits of taking that extra time. I’m going to set the alarm on my phone, title it 8 for 2018 and turn that sucker on as many times as I can during the day! I know this will help me create a life with a little more organization, little less stress and a lot more mindfulness.



I will certainly be letting you all in on how this goes, I have a good feeling it will work out and be a game changer for me and quite possibly, you too! I hope you all have a great day soaking up all that 2017 was for you and head into the new year with a positive mind and spirit! 2018 will be another wonderful year, I can’t wait to spend another year sharing our highs and lows with you all!

Happy New Year!




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  1. Carol
    January 1, 2018 / 5:58 pm

    Happy New Year Burkard Family!!! Looking forward to 2018!!!

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