A Pretty Face of the Ugly Thomas Fire: Her Home Burned To The Ground, I'm Calling on Your Help

I opened my door yesterday morning and the beautiful orange sky caught my eye so like any millennial, I took out my phone to snag a picture. If only the reason behind the beautiful sky was as beautiful as it looked, unfortunately that’s not the case at all. That same fire that beautifully lit up the sky is destroying lives and homes just under 100 miles away from my warm home full of Christmas lights and cheer. While I put up my Christmas Tree, gather with family and friends, others just a few towns over are walking on ashes of what was their holiday decor, years of memories, and the areas where they were going to celebrate this wonderful holiday season.


I knew I wanted, and had to do something…I just wasn’t sure what. My friend Abby texted me about finding a family and I knew that was the perfect thing. With ALL that I have this season, the least I could do is help a family who have lost so much.

Gavin and I prayed, he left for work and I got to work. I took to Instagram, searched #ThomasFire and scrolled and scrolled looking through pictures hoping I could find someone who had posted of the mess. I found a picture that shook me, a home torn to the ground with the fireplace just in tact. It was the friend of the survivor who posted it, and I instantly searched for the girl who she gave PC (picture credit) to. Her name was Lauryn. Long story short, I messaged her on a few different social media sites and got in contact.I verified it was her, I stalked her social media and saw it flooded with comments from friends and families, a few go fund me pages set up. In this cruel world I knew I needed to double check this was for real and sadly, it was as real as it gets.

Her family lost their entire home. The cars were burned and the metal still looked hot. It was a horrific picture I saw on her website here.





Her sweet sweet demeanor and humble sense inspired me so much to help her out. She was the face of the Thomas Fire. Sometimes its so hard when it seems so big to find an actual person because it seems like “everybody” needs help. It’s hard to help everybody, but its not hard to help a single person. She was a fan of my brother in law Chris Burkard so I got in contact with him and like the good hearted person he is, he reached out. It’s little actions in times like this that go a long way.

I decided to create an Amazon Wish List, and a Go Fund me Page. Her request was not for the small things because the donations are plenty but the need for her family to buy a house and get on their feet again by buying things like beds and dressers. Of course she wouldn’t tell me exactly what she wanted for Christmas but I comprised a list and I hope you can find it in your heart to buy something for this sweet girl and donate to the Go Fund me page.  I can only imagine the gifts she was supposed to receive were burned as well. All items that are bought through the Amazon wish list and in the Go Fund Me Account will be delivered to her by hand with all of the donated names on it.

Let’s show Lauryn and her family what community and good people are all about.

Click HERE for the GoFund me. 

Click Here for the Amazon Wish list

SO much love,








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