Five Things Friday

It’s Friday! Feels good just typing the word Friday haha, I hope you guys all have some good plans for this weekend and are enjoying the beginnings of the Holiday Season. I am a Holiday junkie I love doing all the cheesy fun traditions and creating new ones with my little family! In fact, I spotted Santa at Costco and decided that its time to start the Christmas music and begin persuading Gavin that we need to get our christmas tree BEFORE Christmas! In my opinion there are not enough days between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Anyways, I wanted to share with those of you who follow me a few fun things, hope you enjoy!

Family Day! So many of you have messaged me asking about it! It’s December 10th and its a day out at our property that will be full of fun for young families on the Central Coast! The idea behind it was that we live in such an amazing area full of amazing young families that need to be celebrated and connected! Literally it’s a day to just enjoy the good things about life! It’s free and there will be fishing, bounce house, BBQ, music and more! If you are interested just fill out the info form and we will send you details! It will be a blast.


We are joining an Off-Road 4×4 Club. Never in my wildest dreams could you have told me that I would be joining one, but I can’t tell you how excited we are. It is so easy to get in the trap of doing what everyone else does and finding something unique and out of our comfort zone already feels refreshing! The club goes on weekend camping trips and little daily adventures and I can’t wait to meet a whole new group of people!


Girls Night Out! I am hosting an event with Ambiance December 5th 7-9pm for the Holidays! I will obviously go into more detail when I officially announce it but thought I would tell you here first! It’s for all my people, including you! We will have the store to ourselves and girls to help style us all! Cant wait, hope you can make it!


There are some fun things on the radar as far as my fitness journey goes but one thing that I just started was a personal trainer two times a week with my Dad! It is literally the cutest thing, 6:30am twice a week I meet him while Gavin has the babies! I can hardly tie my hair in a ponytail i’m so sore but I know its going to get me closer to my goal of killin’ it in 2018!


Fifth and final is the Tiny Home! I had some pictures up in my InstaStory the other day and a bunch of you were asking if we were going to live in it! Not permanently but you will certainly be staying there often. Its pretty unreal with some amazing features. Tuesday is a huge day because we are craning it into the permanent location so get ready for some story updates and maybe even a live video!

Hope you all have the best weekend! Talk to you soon!



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