Keeping it Very Real on my Postpartum Journey

“Body after Baby” and “Bounce Back” are sayings in society that I hear and instantly want to roll my eyes. As I sat in the hospital after having baby Rosie 9 weeks ago, I couldn’t help but notice three things. First, my belly still looked like I was 9 months pregnant, my body wasn’t mine anymore, and everything looked like it had gone through a garbage disposal. It was tough, not going to lie but it didn’t take more than a second to realize how blessed I was to have been able to bring a life into this world. All these physical changes didn’t hold a candle to the amazing miracle that was our little baby girl.

However, I’ve always said few things feel as good as healthy. I’ve never been the skinniest or fattest, and frankly have never wanted to. My curvy athletic body is something I’ve grown to appreciate overtime and in todays’ world it makes me feel good to see so many young girls being taught to see healthy and curvy as a wonderful thing!

When I got home from the hospital, I longed to feel normal and I knew there was very little I could do to achieve that. However, I found a Bamboo belly band off Amazon that worked wonders for me. It gave me back support, helped engage my stomach muscles that I figured were long gone, and kept a smooth feeling when I attempted to try on my old t shirts again! I’ll Link it below for anyone interested!

A week after having Rosie I stumbled across a fitness group led by a girl named Carli out of Utah. The eight week challenge was a group of people who all followed an interchangeable meal plan for two months, lifting one another up and sharing our stories. I had to take a “before photo” which Gavin took for me. I remember thinking, holy crap this is shocking and in that moment I made a promise to myself that my after photo would be more shocking than the before photo. Looking back, I can’t believe how good my husband made me feel looking how I did. It wasn’t about the extra 30 pounds or the deflated Santa belly, but the fact that I should feel empowered that I was able to bring life into this world. His support in these moments mean more to me than anything else.

Fast forward eight weeks and we are here today! FAR from where I want to be and to be honest, sharing this photos wasn’t an easy decision. In fact, my entire post deleted as I attempted to post this 30 minutes ago and I thought to myself.. that’s it maybe its a sign I shouldn’t be posting it? I almost cried but I gave myself a quick Pep talk and started over fresh.  When I started this blog I promised myself one thing, keep it real, so here I am.

It’s so incredibly easy to share the pretty, put together, happy photos of me and my family but if I did only that you wouldn’t get to know the real us. I share these progress photos with you today to hopefully inspire you to share and BE more than just your highlight reel. We are human, imperfect and that’s liberating. I stand here today typing this at just a point in my postpartum journey. It isn’t over and I have a LONG ways to go to be where I want to be but ill enjoy this moment for what it is and be thankful for it.

Motherhood isn’t perfect, it isn’t easy, and it isn’t always what they show you in the media or the movies. I hope you all see my progress and are inclined to do a little to be your best self today, and find peace in your own journey!



Carli’s Fitness Program 


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