How do we have a two year old?! At 27, I can’t believe I have KIDS.. as in plural! Wyatt and Rosie have undoubtedly been the greatest joy in our lives, and I can’t believe this joy only began 2 years ago! We chose to celebrate small this year as a family, we woke up (by we, I mean Wyatt woke us all up) at 6:30AM to a little voice saying “donuts” because we had promised him the night before we would get donuts on his birthday. ¬†Getting up at 6:30am with little to no sleep and keeping up with the energy of a two year old birthday boy is easily the most intense “rallying” I’ve ever done for a party.




I stayed back with Rosie while Wyatt and Gavin left to the donut store and excitedly turned our little living room into a party with balloons, decorations, and one little gift. It was terribly hard only buying one gift. It was Gavin’s idea that he felt strongly about, and when I expressed that I thought we should buy more he explained that Wyatt didn’t need a million things, in fact less is more so we went and purchased one Thomas the train and a small train track. It was tough and my mom guilt of “only one gift” was real, however I knew I needed to trust Gavin. Well, it ended up being perfect and I learned a good lesson that showering our children with gifts will only lead to them expecting more and we don’t want that. Wyatt loved his train set and played and played with it until my adorable brother Patrick came to our morning party and brought a John deer Tractor…Wyatt hasn’t put that tractor down since. Every party has a pooper too, you can take a while guess who slept through the entire thing haha! Maybe Ro will make her appearance next year.


IMG_4510For his birthday we also took a little trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo as our little family! On our way down to the Zoo we talked about how nice it is to do things with just our mini family, we both have extended huge supportive families that we love being around but there is something really special about making memories with just us. ¬†We lasted only a few hours which was dandy for us because we are all pooped after a good activity these days. Rosie slept the entire time in the Solly Baby Wrap, so it was fun to have a little “one on one” time with Wyatt.








All in all we had a great time celebrating our not so little Wyatt. He made me a mama two years ago and its been the most blessed life since. I am grateful everyday God entrusted us to raise such a fun and happy little dude.


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