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Good morning! Hope this post reaches you at a happy time in your day! As many of you know, we embarked on our trip to Kauai and frankly,  I wish I was writing this post with some coffee on the amazing balcony we spent so much of our time on! Life can get so crazy, Gavin has seriously worked his butt off the past 8 months with a new job that has us all working like a team to support one another, so to have some time off to just relax and enjoy life was such a blessing. Can I get an Amen for all those awesome hardworking men in our lives?! Sometimes as a culture we get way to caught up in working and making money and “the grind” we often forget why we are even doing it. Vacation had a nice way of reminding us why we work so hard, to enjoy life with our loved ones, and we did just that!  From the travel, to our activities, to our very simple schedule I feel like we hit the jackpot.

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We flew out of LAX at 9am and with an overstuffed carry-on I was certain we had it all covered, we could have landed on an island and have had enough to survive for a minute, or so I thought. I made a big mistake of packing tons of yummy junk food, practically nothing substantial and we paid for it. The highs of the Cheese-its and Chex Mix lasted a short while then left us feeling depleted and in need of a meal after a 6 hour flight. Won’t be making that mistake again. Aside from the shortage of nutrient rich food Wyatt did pretty dang good. Six hour flights are daunting with a boy his age but he brought his A game, along with a crying minute or two which I have come to accept is bound to happen. An iPad, tons of tractors and books had us constantly playing, then napping hard until we landed and sighed a deep sigh of relief…we actually made it!


Many of you asked where we stayed, my over generous grandparents own a vacation home there that we have been blessed to stay at since I was a tiny girl, so we stayed for free for 8 days. Their house is along a cliff overlooking the Lihue Marriot, so we are able to get guest passes for the hotel and use all their amenities! Kiddie pool, beach towels and a large amazing resort was perfect for our family. Being a young married couple with one baby and another on the way we are always conscious of our spending and taking away the cost of a house enabled us to do so much more on the island than we normally would have!


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First thing we did we hop in the car and head to Costco, where we stocked up on lots of good food, fish and lunch food. The BEST part about going somewhere is being able to stay with a kitchen to make your own food so you best bet Gavin was out BBQing something delicious every night for us! We ate lots of peanut butter sandwiches and packed healthy goodies which was such a key in being able to travel and explore the island without spending a ton of mula!



Aside from the hours of relaxing chatting about our passions and blessings, our adventures were the best part of our trip. We wanted to show Wyatt the Island because the last time I was here I was 32 weeks pregnant and the only adventure I did was a casual down to the pool and back up each day! Here are just a few highlights of the things we did as a family:

Paddle Boarding We paddle boarded with little man on the front at Kalapaki Beach and rented two boards $25 and hour and the Kalapaki Beach Boys Rental. This bay was a wonderful place to Paddle Board because it was calm enough to feel extra stable with Wyatt on the Front in his blue Camo Puddle Jumper Life Vest!


Hanakapi’ai Trail:  We knew we wanted to get some exercise in each day so we decided to head to Hanalei and tackle a beautiful 4 mile hike along the Na Pali Coast. (Directions here)  It wasn’t easy, challenging in fact. Gavin had Wyatt on his shoulders the entire time while my pregnant self followed behind for a good two-mile hike into a beautiful beach. We have done this hike each year we’ve visited, but when you add in a 1 1/2 year old and a 21 week pregnant belly, our steps were much slower and water breaks came often. We ended the hike at this stunning beach where we munched our peanut butter jelly sandwiches and played in the fresh river before putting on our shoes and heading back to the car. We ended with THE best nachos on the Island at Kalypso, a nice treat after a long day on the mountain!





Hanalei Bay Kayaking:  We took the kayak and paddle boarded the Hanalei River with rentals from Dock Dynasty which is located right off the road with easy parking and good prices! When we got on the river we decided it was best to begin downstream to the beach, with little consideration that we would soon be headed upstream after our time at Hanalei Bay. We got the beach, and Wyatt was able to swim around with Gavin. Hanalei Bay is the perfect spot for little kids because the water is super clear and shallow, with minimal waves. We splashed around then embarked back upstream for the worst experience of the trip! I had Wyatt aggressively trying to get comfortable on my chest to sleep while kayaking upstream with heavy winds. Gavin had to paddle board his up so he watched and said at one point he saw me paddling hard and moving nowhere for at least 30 seconds. Not going to lie it was miserable but once we arrived at the car and treated ourselves to Wishing Well Shave Ice, we were happy we did it.


We are always reminding ourselves that doing things and showing our kids this amazing earth is vital to their growth as little humans. We have tons of chats about how we will always make an effort to show them different people and cultures and Hawaiians are by far some of our favorite people. Their kind demeanor, gentle spirits and traditions are something I want Wyatt to know and admire just as we do.





Thanks for following along!





  1. Bethi
    March 31, 2017 / 4:27 pm

    Love everything about this! Pictures are So great! Looks like paradise!

  2. Carol
    April 4, 2017 / 1:35 am

    We have so many wonderful memories of our family when our kiddos were little in Kauai! Such a beautiful island! You’re pictures are amazing! Love watching you’re cute little family! You look great Stephanie! Can’t wait to meet your next addition! Aloha and Mahalo for sharing

  3. Denise
    June 6, 2017 / 9:40 pm

    Love reading all your blog posts❤ Nick and I just got back from our honeymoon in Kauai and it is by far my favorite place! We stayed at The Kiahuna Plantation and the Marriott😍 Both such gorgeous spots❤

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