Celebrating The Good In This World at Disneyland!

There is something very magical about spending a day in a place full of happy people. I laughed as we walked out of the park thinking every person in this world needs a trip to Disneyland to be reminded of what life is about. People of all different ages, races, religions, languages, abilities and stories all together pursuing happiness was the most refreshing aspect of the day. That and it was Wyatt’s first time at Disneyland!



As I watched his little Mickey Mouse hat being embroidered by the machine, I talked with Gavin about how the memory of this trip will be one we will never forget, and will cherish forever!  Let me tell you, Disneyland through his eyes is far more magical than we could have ever imagined. His little eyes lit up when Mickey came out of the doors, probably thanks to a couple too many hours of watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I could get something done around the house. In fact he is watching it as I type this now haha! What i loved most was that he was initially shy when meeting Mickey, grabbing his shoe and holding up the line but instead of rushing us, the staff gave Wyatt the time to warm up and made his little meet and greet so full of happiness.



We were at Disneyland for two days about five hours each day, the reason being we were there for Gavin’s work trip so we waited until he got off each day and then headed into the park! The first day we met up with Gavin’s parents, his brother Zach and his goofy friends CJ and Jace. They were so sweet to do all the kid rides with us and watching them with Wyatt was so special because I knew that it takes some very kind and genuine humans at 18 years old to choose to hang with the baby instead of going off on their own. A highlight of that day was It’s A Small World, watching Wyatt in between his grandparents with a giant bag of Carmel Corn chowing down so happy and safe in good company and good food.



The second day was just the three of us (four, technically  :), and although we missed the family we really enjoy doing things as a little family.  Gavin took Wyatt and I on all the rides again, and watching the two of them was the greatest. Their mannerisms are so freakishly similar that it’s almost trippy! I am so grateful Gavin is such an amazing Dad to Wyatt, multiple times I turned to see this giant, strong, handsome man turn into this little kid laughing and being super goofy with Wyatt who was obviously eating it all up. We ate too much junk food, and talked about everything under the sun.. then indulged in a massive meal at The Cheesecake Factory before heading home.



Different trips bring out different feelings and although they are all generally very positive, this trip took the cake as far as reminding us of all the good and wonderful people this world has to offer. The smiles, the happiness and the magical moments are ones we surely won’t forget.



Have a wonderful weekend!! You guys are appreciated.





  1. Marilyn
    February 11, 2017 / 11:38 pm

    So fun to be reminded of the good in the world. My adult children all act like excited little kids every time we go. Loved the pictures of Wyatt…he is too cute. There is joy in all the craziness after all!

    • February 24, 2017 / 4:05 pm

      Aw thanks Marilyn! Your family would be so much fun to go to Disneyland with they are such happy individuals! Hope you’re doing great! Lots of love!

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