A Hidden Gem: Condor Lookout

Hey everyone, hope this post reaches you well and you’ve had a good week so far! Getting closer and closer to the Holidays is the best feeling, all my siblings are arriving within the week and nothing makes me happier than having them home.. especially my sister Jenna!!!!  Life around here has been busy busy, but Gavin was able to snag two days off in a row which is a big deal for us so we surely took advantage of it! Sunday we were able to get Wyatt blessed at our Church, a very special day for our entire family. Monday we decided to get out and explore somewhere we have never been, so after searching around on our phones as we aimlessly drove around, we discovered Condor Lookout and began our adventure.






Situated at 3198′ on the crest of the Santa Lucia Mountains, Condor Lookout is located in the Los Padres National Forest between Lopez Lake and Pozo. The scenic drive was about 1 hour on a pretty rough road (thankfully we had 4WD!)  Mid-way I climbed into the back with Wyatt as I was fearful he wouldn’t like the constant jolting but his self was fast asleep so he was obviously just fine. We turned up the country music and thankfully had all day because it took quite a quite to get up to the very top. Once we did,  it was more than worth it.







The uninterrupted 360 degree view was breathtaking and we were able to enjoy it just us three and our dog Tank. We watched as wildlife soared around us with Wyatt pointing his little finger at the birds while snacked on peanut butter sandwiches. We sat in awe, thankful we made the trek because the beauty and freeness we experienced there was liberating.






Coming down the road there was a pretty big area of water, impossible for Gavin to resist in his truck so I snapped a few photos as he went mudding over and over again. One thing i’ve learned is to enjoy these moments with him, sometimes they seem so silly to me but then I realize what is life if we don’t support each other in the little things that we each enjoy?




A long day had us practically starving so we hit up out favorite burger place, Old Village Grill for a strawberry milkshake, fries and a burger. With happy bellies and a tired baby, we reached the end of the day and went on home. We chatted on the way back how we are so grateful for the ability to go explore the earth with our little dude. Showing him these places and discovering them all together make for memories I know he probably won’t remember but we will never forget!

Happy Day!





  1. Vito
    November 16, 2016 / 4:25 pm

    Great story love you guys!!!

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