Eight Things

Hey guys! Happy Hump Day.. I usually type all my blog posts during wyatt’s nap but he’s been on a “Nap Strike” lately so he’s up and headed for the potted plant so i’m hoping this post doesn’t end in a disaster! I have been thinking of bringing some new things to the Blog, spice it up a bit so today i thought I would do “Eight Things”. Think of it like trail mix, a little bit of everything, the nuts, the sweet stuff, and all combined leads to a handful of happiness. ** Numbers below coordinate with the number on the photo!**

  1. Say hi to my mama, dad and their three grandchildren! I have been feeling so grateful for them lately for all the help and love they give to all of us! They are constantly giving of their time and love! Their names are DD and Papa… I love fun names for grandparents which makes me wonder.. any of you have any good grandpa/grandma nicknames?
  2. This is not Wyatt.. Its Gavin! I always talk about how Wyatt is Gavin’s twin so I thought I would share a photo today of Gavin at 1 year! It’s amazing how genetics work isn’t it?!
  3. I am still dreaming of the mini horses, we were able to see them and go into the field and play with them! Normally you are not able to go into the pen but the sweet worker was having a good day and brought us in, ill thank him forever for that! Why is everything so much cuter in smaller sizes? haha
  4. People have been asking me lately about what camera I use so I thought I would share… it’s a Sony Alpha 6300. My favorite feature is that I can take a photo on my camera and send it directly to my phone! Convenience at its finest! Thanks to my brother-in-law Chris for the awesome recommendation.
  5. Wyatt sat in that suitcase all morning  I would like to think it’s because he was thinking someone might be leaving, but I’m pretty sure he just thought of it as a glorified cardboard box.
  6. Shoes. I have been gathering up my shoes for fall and let me tell you.. these are my current favorite! They are Jeffery Campbell and you can find similar ones here!
  7. Lately I have had an obsession of running with Wyatt outside, this photo was a few days ago on a run/walk. Never underestimate what working out and being outside can do for you! Even a walk for 30 minutes can change your whole day, it did mine!
  8. I have been totally skeptical about doing a photo of after-baby but I decided to buck up and do it because I am going to add more fitness to the blog! I am not where I want to be, but I have learned to embrace the journey! I’m going to be doing some really cool things coming up regarding my fitness and “mama recovery” so stay tuned!


Hope you all have an amazing rest of the week!



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  1. Amber Wighton
    September 8, 2016 / 2:32 am

    Love love love this! I can’t wait for your fitness tips!

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