You know how there are some vacations that just open your eyes to how cool this world and the people who live in it really are? Well, this last trip was one of those. We knew it was going to be a great time but had no idea what Chicago really had in store for us.


We are not city people, we are a “put us in a small home in the country and we will be happy” kinda people. Chicago changed that for us, the city was epic. The flowers, the cleanliness and the people…the smiles and the happiness that the city exudes was one we were certainly not expecting.


To start we had pretty much the greatest hosts of all time, my Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Robin and my cousister (cousin+sister) Rachel let us stay at their awesome apartment with a killer view (see below). If you haven’t caught on yet, my Uncle is the manager of the Chicago WhiteSox which is why we decided  it was only fitting to take Wyatt to his first baseball game to watch and support him.





We got the better end of the deal. We had awesome seats, a ridiculously gross amount of ballpark food and best of all, an after the game field session where my Uncle took Wyatt out to show him what his job is all about. Wyatt didn’t know the field from the bathroom but I can tell you I’m certain he will be taking the photos we took for “show and tell” one day at school.




It was a pretty awesome first baseball game experience if you ask me! Wyatt was in heaven, he was dancing to the music and eating his fair share of junk food which left him knocked out for a few innings so we were happy with that.



Along with the baseball experience we got to explore the city. I’ve always loved the idea of Chicago since Kanye West rapped about it in one of my all time favorite songs, Homecoming. Anyways, we couldn’t get over how clean this place was, how beautiful the flowers were and the architecture… never appreciated architecture so much in my life. The Bean, the amazing playground, the amphitheater to name a few, I could go on and on but the bottom line is we want to go back.





Some of you messaged me about how we also ended up at a Ke$ha concert… long story short our great family friend and her buddy manage bands, so they invited us to a Rae Sremmurd concert (That’s “drummers ear” backwards). It was entertaining and i’ve always had a little ghetto fab in me so we loved the rap concert, not so much the opening act of Ke$ha but we had fun. S/O to my babysitters on that one, having a night out with my hubby and cousin was hilarious and so fun.


Last, but certainly not the least (in fact maybe the most important of it all) was the deep dish pizza. We all went out to dinner and ordered two HUGE deep dish pizzas, it is the type of meal that has everyone saying “my diet starts tomorrow” and funny story it really did have us saying that. Not only was it delicious then, but 11pm that night it was even better ha ha.


Chicago was amazing, as Wyatt sleeps and I type this..I realize I’m still half-watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but I’m smiling. Trips like Chicago have Gavin and I talking about how important it is for us to take Wyatt to see the world and its people. Near and far there are so many wonderful places and things to experience and we feel blessed that we were able to experience the good Chicago had to offer .







  1. Carol
    August 27, 2016 / 11:22 pm

    Great Pics Stephanie!!! Wyatt will not remember a thing! BUT YOU WILL!!!! and keeping a blog is the best! Be sure and find the best printing company to print your years into a book! We’ve done that with our travels! Of course, Egypt is our favourite!!! Thanks again for sharing!

  2. September 20, 2017 / 11:00 pm

    Those hotdogs and pizza look epic… and WHAT?!!! You’ve got Dodger Blue in your blood?! Looks like an amazing trip : )

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