Welp, we survived the first week of officially parenting two children. Sounds dumb and overdramatic but the amount of times we have talked about this week in the past 9 months has made it out to be a huge eventful thing in our little family. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that we had a ridiculous amount of support and help from our families… especially from my mom and sister. They say it takes a village and I’m certain we have one of the best around! Sitting down at my computer to type is always a sign of a good day and boy do I have just that… a completely charged computer (rare) a little milk drunk newborn on my chest, and an (almost) two year old sleeping has me feeling like one lucky mama who needs to type fast. If this week has taught me anything its that moments of peace like this one now can turn south faster than a pissed off teenage girl  typing on her iPhone.  Its a crazy and rather heavy feeling knowing we are truly living in some of the very best days of our life… I can’t count on my hands the amount of times I’ve shed a tear over a country song, or shared a look with Gavin as we both agree that these moments of life truly are the purest, hardest and most meaningful . With that being said, I wanted to share a couple things with you about our first week!

Update: I started writing that paragraph above TWO days ago…. as soon as I was about finished, children woke up, and all craziness broke loose. The last thing I could get to was this post. True motherhood…just when you think you have it together for even two seconds, your children have a funny way of humbling you and teaching you otherwise! With that being said, check out some pictures from our last week at home!

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Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is our 2 year Anniversary, this day brings back memories of complete happiness and love you can watch here or browse through photos here!  I am so grateful for my husband and in honor of our special day, I thought I would write down a few things I never knew I would appreciate as much as I do today! I really feel that the beauty of marriage is the evolution you go through together, what I felt was so important two years ago doesn’t hold near the same value today.

sanluisobispoweddingphotographer-37I appreciate the hard times. Its easy to enjoy the good times with anyone, being happy with people comes easy for me. However, when s*** hits the fan, the only person I want to be with is my husband and to be reminded that he is the only person I confide and want to be with during those times is a wonderful thing.

I appreciate that my husband is consistent. Finding someone who does the extravagant is marvelous and fun, and my husband does enjoy the big productions of romance however what I appreciate most is his consistency. Constantly faithful, loving, hard-working and kind.

I appreciate that he lets me serve him. For some reason we have misconstrued the meaning of serving and made it a negative thing, but there is so much beauty in serving your husband.

I appreciate that he pushes me to be independent. It is so easy to get totally consumed in being a wife and mother. Being pushed to work and develop as an individual person is so important in our relationship, Gavin is literally my biggest fan when it comes to blogging and doing things that help me be the best version of myself.

I appreciate that we operate as equals. We work equally hard to keep our lives and family running and having the mutual understanding of that has worked very well for us.

I appreciate that he is a gentleman. Not just to me, he is a gentleman to every person he comes across, when he opens the door for me he opens the door for the older lady behind me. At first I was a little taken back that it wasn’t just for me, but I quickly came to realize that his gentleman traits are not conditional, they are who he is and he doesn’t turn them on and off.

I appreciate his way of parenting. So often I feel like as mothers we can be quite overbearing when it comes to what we feel is best for our child, knowing so well what’s the most effective way to soothe them or take care of them. It hasn’t come easy but I’ve learned to let Gavin parent the way he feels is best. Sure he may do things differently, but allowing him to figure it out on his own has really created an undeniable bond between him and Wyatt.

I appreciate his moral compass. Gavin is a “handshake is enough” type of man, his word is gold. It doesn’t matter who he promises something to, he will follow through. He is fiercely loyal, and the example that will set for Wyatt is one I am already thanking my lucky stars for.

I appreciate him for his imperfections. I see so many articles about finding the “perfect man” and literally nothing sounds worse to me. I am extremely imperfect, and so is my husband, and we are thankful for that. Being married to someone who understands they are far from imperfect makes for a relationship that is about being the best version of yourself, not the perfect person.

I appreciate him for his spiritual guidance. Faith is not an arrived destination, it’s a journey so it is full of highs and lows. Through it all I have a husband who has a faith in God and an understanding that God has a specific plan for our family we must trust in.



Have a wonderful day!






It’s been sixteen days since my last blog post and I am in desperate need to get in front of my computer and write! Life has been the best kind of crazy lately, sometimes when my head finally hits the pillow at night it hits me that this go go lifestyle may seem totally hectic but its the only kinda crazy I like. In order to even remember what has been going down i decided to open up my iPhone and scroll through my photos! I love taking photos so I thought I would do a segment today called “Straight from the Camera Roll” where i literally choose 9 photos from my camera roll to show you what has been going down in our little families life!


  1. You  may have seen the photo of Wyatt sitting in  his Uncle Chris’ office two weeks ago, well we are trying out an epic tri pod he has and let me tell you.. game changer! We are able to set that sucker up wherever and take photos from my phone remotely! This is the first photo we took using it with the timer feature! img_1103
  2. One random evening, while waiting for Gavin to get home for work I decided i desperately needed to get out of the house, as a stay at home mom sometimes I literally go stir crazy so this was the perfect night. I had no shoes, Wyatt had no clothes but i decided we had 38 minutes until my iPhone said the sun was setting so we drove up to the hill on my parents property and watched the sunset. Never underestimate the power of mother nature, watching the sunset was so therapeutic, enjoyable and free! img_1373-2
  3. We celebrated my Dad and Father in Law’s birthdays this past month. I am beyond lucky to have these two men in our life. I have never met anyone like my Dad, he is the type of man who literally talks ideas all day, he is a total dreamer and his great mind is described in one of my all time favorite quotes..”Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about people.” My Dad is one of those rare humans who always leaves you wanting to be the best version of yourself. Here is a photo of him, in the kiddie pool with Wyatt and my niece Georgia. img_1542
  4. All things pumpkin, welcome to fall! I have this tradition I started where I make a bunch of Pumpkin bread at the beginning of fall and give it to my people. Wyatt obviously joins in on the fun becausee he is obsessed with watching me mix things up with the KitchenAid.  I made some for the neighbors, family, and my two favorite Varsity football players and gave it to them after their game! I am all about easy and delicious, you can find the exact recipe I use hereimg_1684-2
  5. There is a great song about watching everything “dad” does and I never thought it would be so true until I watch Wyatt look up to Gavin. This little lawnmower had me dying laughing, Wyatt was all about it. Watching Gavin,  then having his own was one of those sweet moments you just wish you could hold onto forever. img_1773
  6. The beginning of fall is time for all things orange, warm, and cozy. We started off the beginning of fall by heading to our favorite place The Avila Valley Barn. We walked around to see all the animals, and picked out a little mini pumpkin. Creating traditions is the best thing, i’m certain we will be going here to celebrate the beginning of fall from now on!fullsizerender
  7. Remember how I told you about my dad having wild ideas, well this was one of those. My dad and I were watching my two nieces and decided to head to Solvang for a little day trip, it was comical. First off, nobody ever told me how crazy it is watching 3 kids under 18 months and second, let me advise you to never attempt the above with 3 babies. It actually wasn’t that bad but we spent the majority of the time laughing at what a silly/dumb idea it was. We walked around the shops and promised we would come back when we had a little more help to enjoy the adorable little town. fullsizerender
  8. My husband is a rockstar, he works incredibly hard and I could go on and on about how proud I am of him. This day I was especially proud, he was given an awesome opportunity to totally revamp and turn around a dealership with an awesome team of guys. If you want to know where, message me and i’ll happily share with you! This was him and his bosses during a total demolition day, now you can catch him in dress pants and a tie, but I know that he was digging the demo days where he brought out his ol’ tool belt.
  9. fullsizerenderThere are some people you meet who just have the light of life in them, and sometimes they are given battles you can hardly understand why. I do not know him super well but he is certainly our hometown hero and his name is Ryan Teixeira. You can read more about his battle here.  I was extremely touched by this photo because my Uncle Robin facilitated the conversation, and to me it was another reminder of how great people of this world can be, and how much good there still is our there. If you have a prayer list going, please add the Teixeira family to it, we are all with you Ryan! #17Strong. Be sure to read about the great opportunity on October 2nd where you can see if you are a match for a Bone Marrow Transplant, we will certainly be there.

May you all have a wonderful week!



Hey guys! Happy Hump Day.. I usually type all my blog posts during wyatt’s nap but he’s been on a “Nap Strike” lately so he’s up and headed for the potted plant so i’m hoping this post doesn’t end in a disaster! I have been thinking of bringing some new things to the Blog, spice it up a bit so today i thought I would do “Eight Things”. Think of it like trail mix, a little bit of everything, the nuts, the sweet stuff, and all combined leads to a handful of happiness. ** Numbers below coordinate with the number on the photo!**

  1. Say hi to my mama, dad and their three grandchildren! I have been feeling so grateful for them lately for all the help and love they give to all of us! They are constantly giving of their time and love! Their names are DD and Papa… I love fun names for grandparents which makes me wonder.. any of you have any good grandpa/grandma nicknames?
  2. This is not Wyatt.. Its Gavin! I always talk about how Wyatt is Gavin’s twin so I thought I would share a photo today of Gavin at 1 year! It’s amazing how genetics work isn’t it?!
  3. I am still dreaming of the mini horses, we were able to see them and go into the field and play with them! Normally you are not able to go into the pen but the sweet worker was having a good day and brought us in, ill thank him forever for that! Why is everything so much cuter in smaller sizes? haha
  4. People have been asking me lately about what camera I use so I thought I would share… it’s a Sony Alpha 6300. My favorite feature is that I can take a photo on my camera and send it directly to my phone! Convenience at its finest! Thanks to my brother-in-law Chris for the awesome recommendation.
  5. Wyatt sat in that suitcase all morning  I would like to think it’s because he was thinking someone might be leaving, but I’m pretty sure he just thought of it as a glorified cardboard box.
  6. Shoes. I have been gathering up my shoes for fall and let me tell you.. these are my current favorite! They are Jeffery Campbell and you can find similar ones here!
  7. Lately I have had an obsession of running with Wyatt outside, this photo was a few days ago on a run/walk. Never underestimate what working out and being outside can do for you! Even a walk for 30 minutes can change your whole day, it did mine!
  8. I have been totally skeptical about doing a photo of after-baby but I decided to buck up and do it because I am going to add more fitness to the blog! I am not where I want to be, but I have learned to embrace the journey! I’m going to be doing some really cool things coming up regarding my fitness and “mama recovery” so stay tuned!


Hope you all have an amazing rest of the week!



I remember someone telling me  before I had Wyatt that they were sad and emotional that their baby was turning one… I remember thinking to myself “what a silly and odd statement.” I now understand. His birthday was so bittersweet! Sweet because I get to celebrate this little human we watched go from a tiny purple potato who slept 22 hours a day to a little boy who runs crazy and loves to smile and live life. Bitter because there are so many “firsts” that won’t ever occur again, I’m basically done breastfeeding, and this little baby all the sudden feels like little boy. I could stop now and let my eyes fill up with tears thinking about it, but I am going to choose to put my big girl pants on and finish this blog post.



I can’t forget to thank Gina, who made all the adorable decorations for me! I am the least crafty person so I am so grateful for her.. and her cricket!



His birthday was a happy day for all of us, especially me and Gavin. We chose not to do gifts, instead we attached a little note to the invitations (see below) that asked our guests to bring an unwrapped gift for us to donate. I try to be very conscious about making sure our children grow up in home that understands the importance of giving back so although he may hate me for it later, he didn’t receive any gifts for his birthday. If you look at the photo below you can see the gifts in the bucket of the Tractor! We have fun plans to go and donate the gifts in November before Christmas so I’m sure you’ll see a blog post about that.



Friends and family came from all over, my best friends came, some from LA which was such a treat because although we are all at such difference places in our live, we are all able to come together and support each other which is really special. My mom friends all came and I loved seeing all our little kids interact. I feel super blessed to have so many awesome moms to learn from and laugh with, I’m so grateful for the genuine friendships I’ve made. It sounds silly but it meant so much to me to see the support and love that our people have for Wyatt, he has no idea how great he has it and I can’t wait to watch him figure that out as he grows older.




We weren’t about spending tons of money for his birthday, and I couldn’t justify a 50 dollar cake so I decided to make it myself and you know what.. it was super special. We made it together, he ate the batter (which i later realized had raw egg, oops) and finished off the frosting. All around it was such a simple, unforgettable experience that I decided will now be a tradition (until Wyatt tells me otherwise)!

DSC04973 (1)


DSC04847Wyatt loved being sung Happy Birthday, he looked around and smiled then cautiously approached the cake. He was quite confused about the frosting all over his hands, but once he tasted it, he was one happy camper. All he wanted to do was share with everyone! We invited all the little kids up to come take bites out of the cake, thus resulting in quite the cleanup!




Wyatt’s first birthday was a day we will cherish forever, I know Wyatt will look at these photos one day and smile.. then get mad at me for creating the no gift rule haha!

Have a great week!