It’s Friday! Feels good just typing the word Friday haha, I hope you guys all have some good plans for this weekend and are enjoying the beginnings of the Holiday Season. I am a Holiday junkie I love doing all the cheesy fun traditions and creating new ones with my little family! In fact, I spotted Santa at Costco and decided that its time to start the Christmas music and begin persuading Gavin that we need to get our christmas tree BEFORE Christmas! In my opinion there are not enough days between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Anyways, I wanted to share with those of you who follow me a few fun things, hope you enjoy!

Family Day! So many of you have messaged me asking about it! It’s December 10th and its a day out at our property that will be full of fun for young families on the Central Coast! The idea behind it was that we live in such an amazing area full of amazing young families that need to be celebrated and connected! Literally it’s a day to just enjoy the good things about life! It’s free and there will be fishing, bounce house, BBQ, music and more! If you are interested just fill out the info form and we will send you details! It will be a blast.


We are joining an Off-Road 4×4 Club. Never in my wildest dreams could you have told me that I would be joining one, but I can’t tell you how excited we are. It is so easy to get in the trap of doing what everyone else does and finding something unique and out of our comfort zone already feels refreshing! The club goes on weekend camping trips and little daily adventures and I can’t wait to meet a whole new group of people!


Girls Night Out! I am hosting an event with Ambiance December 5th 7-9pm for the Holidays! I will obviously go into more detail when I officially announce it but thought I would tell you here first! It’s for all my people, including you! We will have the store to ourselves and girls to help style us all! Cant wait, hope you can make it!


There are some fun things on the radar as far as my fitness journey goes but one thing that I just started was a personal trainer two times a week with my Dad! It is literally the cutest thing, 6:30am twice a week I meet him while Gavin has the babies! I can hardly tie my hair in a ponytail i’m so sore but I know its going to get me closer to my goal of killin’ it in 2018!


Fifth and final is the Tiny Home! I had some pictures up in my InstaStory the other day and a bunch of you were asking if we were going to live in it! Not permanently but you will certainly be staying there often. Its pretty unreal with some amazing features. Tuesday is a huge day because we are craning it into the permanent location so get ready for some story updates and maybe even a live video!

Hope you all have the best weekend! Talk to you soon!



Early flights are never easy for me. Add in my first time traveling with two kids and no morning coffee and we’ve got a recipe for failure. That failure came in the form of my lovely computer left in the hotel room! Thankfully, the kind folks at the Edgewater sent it our way and about five minutes ago Fed Ex delivered it.  Now I’m sitting down writing, life is good.


So much has been happening in this world lately that has made me want to keep my little family tucked in my home and away from the rest of the evil in this world. While I sat sipping my warm coffee last week, I saw a little girl talk about her mother on national tv who had passed. She explained that although she wanted to fold and mourn she was going to get out and honor her mother by living with the intention of love and happiness. Well, after I watched that I thought the world needs us to spread kindness, happiness, and love more than ever. So instead of hiding in my house, I’ve been trying to honor those lives lost by living with intention to spread love, kindness and happiness. I challenge to do the same.




Our trip to Seattle was amazing. We traveled there because I was the Matron of Honor in my best friend from College’s wedding! It was so wonderful seeing her marry the love of her life and I’m already ready for them to make some babies!  We spent part of the weekend exploring the city and the other participating in wedding activities.. all full of happiness and excitement. As you can see by pictures, Rosie never left my side and was a total rockstar. Reuniting with my old roomies Anna, Chelsea, Hannah, Lesley and Becca was such a highlight for me and it was so fun to show them what my life as a mom is like! None of them have kids so we shared many good laughs about the truth  of motherhood, birth and breastfeeding. They had so many questions and I was certain not to sugar-coat any of the answers because the looks on their faces was straight comedy. (see below)




We stayed at an amazing hotel called the Edgewater where our room was directly over the ocean and although that was somewhat terrifying, it made the perfect live storybook for Wyatt. Boats, Cruise Ships, Birds and Paddle Boarders went by as Wyatt sat in excitement and awe over this new experience. I’ve said it a million times but being there to watch your children experience new places  in this world is one of the very best feelings.





We took advantage of the little time we had to explore and with wet hair, a warm cup of coffee, and a bundled up baby in a front pack we rushed down to Pike’s Place. Wyatt was obsessed with the fish market while I couldn’t take my eyes of the beautiful flowers! Bouquets that would be 40-50 dollars here in California are $5 at Pike’s Market and  I’m still jealous of anyone who lives there for that sole reason. We sat down for breakfast at a tiny little spot overlooking the water and enjoyed hot pancakes and a view of the busy city!


My Mom and Dad were with us and as always, were the BEST. My parents are unreal… so helpful, fun and spontaneous which Gavin and I love and appreciate. My mom always pushes me to live a little more, attempt what I think is the impossible, and she had 5 babies in 7 years so she is a total rockstar grandma with my babies who love her. My dad is a dreamer, always focusing on the bigger picture so our time together was spent talking about dreams, visions, and how to make this world a little better. Having my parents with us on this trip was such a treat!




Spending time with my little family is priceless, getting to explore the world with them is even better. If there is anything I’ve learned lately it’s that life is a precious gift… in a single moment it can all be taken away. Every minute I get to live this life with those I love is a gift and this trip was one of the best. Talk to you guys soon




How do we have a two year old?! At 27, I can’t believe I have KIDS.. as in plural! Wyatt and Rosie have undoubtedly been the greatest joy in our lives, and I can’t believe this joy only began 2 years ago! We chose to celebrate small this year as a family, we woke up (by we, I mean Wyatt woke us all up) at 6:30AM to a little voice saying “donuts” because we had promised him the night before we would get donuts on his birthday.  Getting up at 6:30am with little to no sleep and keeping up with the energy of a two year old birthday boy is easily the most intense “rallying” I’ve ever done for a party.




I stayed back with Rosie while Wyatt and Gavin left to the donut store and excitedly turned our little living room into a party with balloons, decorations, and one little gift. It was terribly hard only buying one gift. It was Gavin’s idea that he felt strongly about, and when I expressed that I thought we should buy more he explained that Wyatt didn’t need a million things, in fact less is more so we went and purchased one Thomas the train and a small train track. It was tough and my mom guilt of “only one gift” was real, however I knew I needed to trust Gavin. Well, it ended up being perfect and I learned a good lesson that showering our children with gifts will only lead to them expecting more and we don’t want that. Wyatt loved his train set and played and played with it until my adorable brother Patrick came to our morning party and brought a John deer Tractor…Wyatt hasn’t put that tractor down since. Every party has a pooper too, you can take a while guess who slept through the entire thing haha! Maybe Ro will make her appearance next year.


IMG_4510For his birthday we also took a little trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo as our little family! On our way down to the Zoo we talked about how nice it is to do things with just our mini family, we both have extended huge supportive families that we love being around but there is something really special about making memories with just us.  We lasted only a few hours which was dandy for us because we are all pooped after a good activity these days. Rosie slept the entire time in the Solly Baby Wrap, so it was fun to have a little “one on one” time with Wyatt.








All in all we had a great time celebrating our not so little Wyatt. He made me a mama two years ago and its been the most blessed life since. I am grateful everyday God entrusted us to raise such a fun and happy little dude.


Ever start something and not finish? Something that you know you should be doing but the excuses are just too good? Story of my life.  Gavin literally makes fun of me because he says I love to start projects, put my entire heart into it, then 6 hours later…lose all interest. Well, some projects are just too big to ignore, and when they haunt you for 5 years of your life, they need to be addressed. That was the case with my College Degree.


When I “walked” the graduation stage in 2012 I was under the impression that my last class was available online, and as soon as I got back to California I was going to enroll and finish my degree. Soon after I touched down in California and started my job, I found out the horrible news that the class was only offered on University of Colorado’s Campus. I was told there was no way I could take it online and at the time, I didn’t take this seriously. As new phases in my life came such as meeting my amazing husband, wedding, and when I had Wyatt the thought of traveling back to school became less of a priority and more and more out of reach. Occasionally, I would petition to take it online and each time I thought my excuse would suffice.. marriage.. child.. second child. Nope.


When we got pregnant with Rosie, I got to thinking, if I don’t do this damn class before she is born there is just no way i’ll ever finish. Gavin supported me from the get go, I really couldn’t dream up a better husband.  He is the “finish what you start” “handshake is gold” morally straight kind of man and that’s something about him I really admire… until it comes to him telling me the importance of finishing my degree. With LOTS of prayer and planning, we decided as a family it would be best for me to return to College… 7 months pregnant. Returning to college didn’t just mean signing up for a class online, it meant packing up my life for about a month and heading to Colorado. Sounds just about as hilarious, embarrassing and painful as it was. I had nightmares about it for weeks ahead of time, worried I wouldn’t fit in the desk, introducing myself and my 4 pound child to the class, and leaving our little home and family dynamic was a thought that constantly made me question if I was doing the right thing.


FullSizeRender 4

Over and over again Gavin reassured me that “we got this” with an occasional tease or two over the hilariousness of the situation. The day I signed up for the class was a bit emotional, but the more I thought and prayed about it, the more I realized I don’t just owe it to myself to finish, but my husband, parents, and my children too. Speaking of parents, I couldn’t ask for better ones. As I grow older I realize more and more all that they have done for me, and  with that comes the realization that matter what I do in this life, I will never be able to pay them back. However, getting this degree would make them proud so I was going to do just that.


With what felt like a million suitcases, we treked to the beautiful town of Boulder Colorado. I was joined by Gavin, Wyatt, Mom and saint of a sister,  Jenna. My mom helped us get settled into our darling Airbnb and left the next day while my sister stayed.  I couldn’t have done this without my sister, she stayed with me THE entire time as Gavin and my family came and went. She watched Wyatt every single day while I sat in class for 3 hours and worked on homework and papers after class. I think the fondest memory ill take from this entire experience is the amazing time we had together, the laughing the long talks and just spending good ol’ sister time. There really is nothing like a sister and for this reason, we will certainly not be stopping after Rosie because she needs a “Jenna” in her life too! Her boyfriend Nick also drove 14 hours to bring Jenna’s car to us and stayed the last week.  We had the best time, and were so glad we didn’t have to haul around in Ubers each day anymore. I am so grateful for Nick, I already feel like he’s my little brother and I love how much he values my sister.


Class wasn’t easy. It was a Maymester course, meaning it was an entire Semester’s work squished into 3 weeks. Five days a week, 3 hours a day, plus 4-5 hours spent studying and reading. I nearly had a panic attack the first day in class as we were told to introduce ourselves, the pronouns we went by, and our favorite Ice cream. When the teacher asked who wanted to go first, I volunteered.

‘Hi I’m Stephanie, go by her/she/, mint chip ice cream would be my favorite.. and to point out the obvious I’m actually 31 weeks pregnant, married with a little boy Wyatt and here to finish my last class of college.” All eyes turned, smiled, and I literally laughed out loud thinking yup.. I’m that mom in class!


It was only uphill from there, the students were darling and each day I got to know a few of them a little better. Sydney was a fellow Chi Omega, Adam was a bartender at a local spot, Michael was from Oakland, and Erna was the smart student who was passionate about Syrian refugees. I could go on but ill spare you.. bottom line is I ended up adoring the people in my class. My teacher… was awesome, and I’m so thankful I had him! A husband and father of two boys, from the midwest and on the first day made a bold statement that nobody has an excuse to miss class if the pregnant lady shows up! We all laughed on multiple occasions as I made jokes about my peeing habits or pregnancy life. One of the best memories during class was when everyone erupted in laughter because there was a flying baby head in the window of our classroom… It was Wyatt being held up by my sister.

As a parent, I see the value my Mom and Dad taught me in finishing what you start. I got to thinking that if Rosie or Wyatt were to be in the position I am today or something similar, I would pray and hope they would finish and do what is right. Also, i’ve got to be clear….it isn’t about the fact that I got an A+ in the class, or the fact that I now have a degree. A degree doesn’t make me a better person or a better mom, and it wouldn’t have made me a better employee or worker. In fact, I’m sitting on the plane as I write this more excited than ever to go back to being a stay at home mom and wife because it’s what I love to do. What the flimsy paper does do is show myself, my husband, my son and my daughter that when you want something bad enough, you do it and if you start something, you finish it.. even if that means sitting in a desk 7 months pregnant.