Lately, life has been going 598 miles an hour and I feel like i can hardly keep up.  I feel this pressure sometimes to take the pictures and share all the updates but when it doesn’t feel natural i’ve made a deal with myself. If sitting down and writing doesn’t come natural, I need to do everyone a favor and wait until it does. Nothing is more annoying than a forced post of information that lacks value. So rest assured sitting here today, in my living room as Rosie plays with cups and Wyatt attempts to put a sock on a blue building block, that I am happy to be writing today!

Welcome to Friday Roundup, a random slew of updates about our life from family updates, home details and always ending with a happy thought or two!

I turned 28!

Weird right?! Isn’t it funny when you get to an age and you’re like “I thought by (insert number) i would have four kids, a house, two dogs ect..” I swear i thought by 28 i would have had at least 4 children but life has a funny way of showing us our plans are not in our hands. If i had four kids right now i think i would be in the loony bin. Anyways, I had an amazing birthday, and adorable Gavin actually planned an entire birthday party for me with my immediate family. I had mentioned a long time ago i wanted to go Central Coast Archery and practice and he put that in his memory bank and planned an afternoon there. We loved it, Wyatt was in heaven and you can see he was super focused.Special thanks to our friends KK and Joel for hosting us!  Anyone ever try something new and before you go you think, “This could be it, my sport” and then your first try you’re horrible? Yea, that was me hahah! It was such a blast and I love the idea of always trying new things!

Three Day Trip to Kauai

Ever heard of a three day trip to Kauai, me either! I was lucky enough to sneak over to the Island for a hot second to celebrate my sister getting married and Rosie and I had such  blast! I can’t wait for the day to get here, September 29th! I am the maid of honor and writing this post reminds me i need to start my speech!

Red Tagged.

Sounds about as horrible as it sounds. We got a total hault on the construction side of our Farmhouse but thankfully Mr. Hurst, from the city has been nothing short of amazing working with us! We are back on schedule and I am so happy to announce we have an architect, Kyle Harris! He so graciously offered to take on our project despite his busy schedule. Although we have to wait to get our plans in order before we start building anything back up, we still have lots of work on landscape and details in the meantime so we are still going full force. Plus, the amount of packages that are coming in make me feel like a kid on Christmas every single day!

Ro is 1!

Cue the tears. Felt like yesterday I was writng all about her birth story. She is such a joy, so happy, so obsessed with Wyatt and everything she does. What I love is that she genuinely loves her people, her eyes light up when she is with them. I always tell myself I hope she loves me like i love my mom and as of now she’s a pretty big mamas girl. We did a super small party with a cake from Arroyo Grande Bakery and sang to her outside. I love small birthdays.


Hope you guys have the best weekend! Rosie is trying to eat the dog food so ill end here!!



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Happy Saturday everyone! I thought I would kick off The weekend with a little update on how my first two weeks of this working out/eating healthy challenge is going with a few things I’ve learned/found/discovered about myself and this journey. I wanted to share a picture from the very beginning of my journey to show that weight loss isn’t overnight, its a journey.


VEGGIES: I eat them. They eat them.

I have never been a hater of vegetables but I can’t count on my hands the times at the store I’ve bought a bunch of cool healthy vegetables and found them stuffed in the back, rotten a week later. I realized how my entire family could benefit from eating more vegetables, so I chose three that we love and bought them in bulk! Broccoli, Carrots, and Spinach. I went to Costco and bought them, and every day I try to get everyone in my family to eat all three! Usually goes like this… a morning Spinach smoothie, snacks of carrots, and at dinner, I try to squeeze in the broccoli!

Take what you get

Mothers understand, sometimes even getting an hour to yourself each day to workout seems impossible, so you take what you get. These past two weeks I have done more workouts with my kids than without them. Whether that be running the Bob Jones trail in Avila, or in my living room with my kids running everywhere, I do what I can. Its actually embarrassing but last week I was doing a backwards lunge and knocked Rosie over, it was so sad I didn’t realize she was behind me! Keeping my goals realistic with my lifestyle is most important.

Shakes for Days

I love eating, I love having something in my hand to drink or snack on, in fact I thought that was one of the biggest problems. It’s not. I found that it doesn’t take a million calories to make an amazing shake. I do one scoop of vanilla protein powder, half a tray of Ice, a bunch of spinach (Like 2-3 handfuls) 1/2 cup of berries and some water. It easily fills a massive shaker bottle and I sip on it for around an hour! Nothing makes me happier than feeling full and seeing I have more left.

Pre Workout:  Game Changer

I’ve always loved talking about things that change the game for me, pre workout is one of them. However, I had a bad experience before I had a good one. A little over a year ago, Gavin shared some with me one time and my face was itching for like 8 hours it was so uncomfortable and unnatural I stepped away from the idea until recently. Im pretty sure his pre workout at the time was called HemoRage… I should have known from the get go haha. I’ve also gotten quite a few questions about breastfeeding and pre workout, and personally this one has not affected Rosie one bit. If you want to purchase it, click HERE.

Weight Loss

I know people say, don’t judge your weight loss by the scale. All that is wonderful, but i use a scale. I use it together with my own clothes and how they fit. If I see the number on the scale go down, I’m happy and I can tell if I am firming up by looking in the mirror!  I have lost 1.5 pounds as of today, and I feel much much tighter! Since giving birth, the picture you see shortly after I’ve lost 50.5 pounds.


I will be sharing my measurements and weight next update, I have no shame in how little or much I weigh so I’m excited to get that out there! Life is so much more than a number on a scale or a measurement, we all need to make sure that living a healthy lifestyle trumps numbers or societal expectations. Best advice I have is stay in your lane, you got this.

For more on my journey, follow my coach and great friend Whitney, HERE

Just took a sip of my Vanilla Latte at my favorite little coffee shop in Arroyo Grande, Andreini’s and I’m ready to chat. By chat I mean write to those of you out there! This Blog is my journal, and most of my posts lately have been centered around trips or specific things but today I just wanted to chat a little, let you guys in on our life and some of my thoughts lately! SO here’s to my six things! From Rosie and Wyatt to Old people, I cover just about everything on my mind.

Rosie + Wyatt

Full speed ahead.

Guys, Rosie has a tooth and she’s crawling! She took her first official crawl in Tulum, which was fun because she was surrounded by our family and grandparents! She is everywhere, I forgot how much more often I need to be sweeping and washing the hardwood floors. The girls eats anything and everything in sight, including the Bandaid I practically gagged as I got out of her mouth yesterday. Truth. Wyatt is a funny dude, he actually wants to be Gavin. Literally, he goes into his closet when he is gone at work and puts his shoes out and comes out and says “Mama, its me Gavin” and he has a full blown convo with me. A few days ago, I handed him the oatmeal and he goes “Thanks Babe” I was laughing out loud for so long, he is such a little sponge. He is also a huge lover, he and Rosie are finally playing together and it’s so nice because I can leave them alone for a little in their room and not worry!

My Recent Struggle

A Balancing Act

Lately I’ve dealt with a little bit of a funk trying to find out the balance of extra curricular activities. Sometimes I look around and think holy crap we are not doing enough classes or joining enough things, and other times I am so grateful for the little amount of classes we need to be at! My mom brain says do gymnastics, soccer, pottery class, Ju Jitsu, baby yoga however I have to reel myself back in and think that these moments where there is no agenda is something I will miss dearly! Do you guys struggle with that too?

Now Boarding

Nonstop Travel

Holy cow, traveling has been constant since March and I don’t hate it because the reason for all this travel has been amazing. We are certainly blessed to be able to go places but it can take a toll on us ALL. I really enjoy routine at home and going to the grocery store, actually finishing the laundry, and doing little things like visiting my Papa. When we travel I feel like I spend the 3 days before and the 6 days after adjusting! I type this as I’m about to hop on a plane with my two babies tomorrow to Georgia! My little brother Scotty, who has really become a really good friend of mine is graduating and there is a 100% chance I will cry because graduation and weddings make me so emotional!

Old People

I know I have a good thing before its gone.

I’ve really been feeling the love of my grandparents lately. Mexico was a bit of a wake up call just how unique and special it is I have all my grandparents together. We are all going to be together again this weekend in Georgia, and next weekend in Texas so I’m  really going to do my best to soak it in! I am thinking of doing an Instagram Story to introduce you all to them because they are SO CUTE. Gavin and I always talk about how much we wish we were raised in their generation.


Prettiest thing on Instagram.

Writing is prettier

 I want to learn Calligraphy, I can seriously go into a trance when I’m watching videos of people writing. I follow the #calligraphy so little videos will pop up and its addicting to watch! Writing by hand and especially in cursive is SUCH a lost art, I am determined to bring it back into my life.


To my Young Girls

I see you.

To my young girls: I see you liking my photos, I see your sweet messages, and sometimes your moms even tell me you follow me! I hope I inspire you, because you inspire me! You inspire me to be someone you see on social media that is real, and someone you can look up to. Sometimes my heart breaks for your generation having easy access to these social media platforms but then I think and hope that you use it to fill your feeds with happy people, people that make you feel good about yourself and not bad. Be selfish when it comes to what you see in your feeds, unfollow what makes you second guess that you are not perfect the way you are. Lastly, there is not a single person on Instagram or Snapchat whose opinions or comments matter more than those that love you.

That’s all!





If you’ve been following along my Instagram, you would know that I struggled hard with mom guilt about leaving Wyatt behind for our trip to Tulum, Mexico this past weekend. It was a heavy feeling as we made the decision to leave Wyatt home from Mexico because we weren’t sure how safe it would be and with all the activities planned around my brothers wedding, we thought it would be best for everyone that he stay safe at Gavin’s parents house back home. The thought of having him safe in their home, playing with his Gma and Poppy top his list of things he loves, however as parents we struggled. Hard.

It was three days before we left that Gavin and I sat down, for the first time totally unsure if we were making the right decision. After prayer and a decision to call our moms, we laughed that both Maile (Gavin’s mom) and Dana (mine) said that if bringing him felt right in our hearts then we should follow it. I swear just when I think I’m grown enough to make big decisions I realize nothing is more valuable than a mother’s advice and boy am I grateful both our moms came through with the same advice!  Mutually agreeing that leaving him and bringing Rosie was far too emotional and simply not worth it, so we last minute packed his bags and took him with us on what proved to be an unforgettable, beautiful vacation for our family.

Five hours of flights, two hours driving and a million bags, we surely had our work cut out for us, thankfully we were far from alone. The flight there might as well have been a private plane because a total of 13 family members with us, filling what felt like the entire plane up. We arrived at the beautiful Papaya Playa Hotel in Tulum to the rest of our big family. Perched up on the beach sat our little oasis of a room, two queen beds with mosquito nets to sleep in, rock floors, and big windows with cracks just big enough to let the ocean breeze come through. It was the perfect amount of rustic and luxury.


Love brought us to Tulum as my older brother, my favorite superhero, married his longtime girlfriend, my newest sister, Samantha. What I love about my new sister is she brings so much to our family in terms of culture and family, she is from a huge Moroccan Jewish family and boy do they know how to have a good time. We danced the night away at the Henna party, dressed in Kaftans and ended the night with a Henna ceremony. The wedding day felt like it was out of a movie, and watching my sweet brother as he broke the glass and we yelled “Mazeltov” gives me chills to think about, it was so different and familiar all at once.


Wyatt did wonderful, and Ro spent the entire weekend smiling at anything and everything that looked her way. As always, my family pulled through and helped Gavin and I like crazy. At one point, I was about 5 miles away getting ready for the wedding with my sisters when a crazy storm came rolling through, thunder lighting the whole bit yet my sweet Rosie needed to be fed. So my uncle Robin and cousin Grace literally took a taxi just to bring her to me for a feeding with her in a towel in the pouring rain. Thats family.

We spent the majority of the time at the bigger house where my grandparents were staying, and often spent hours just sitting and talking the day away. I was so proud of my grandparents,  all six of them 80+ years old, in Mexico, pushing through their comfort zones to support my brother. One morning I was enjoying coffee with both of my grandpa’s while they held Rosie and we chatted as I couldn’t help but feel emotional at how good I knew that moment was. I know having all my grandparents alive is a gift, and its a gift I cherish deeply.

The weekend was wonderful, surrounded by family and college friends I haven’t seen in years. It was so fun to introduce my husband and my children to them! Bringing Wyatt was the best decision we could have made, and in this instance I’m proud to say mom guilt got the best of me. I would rather have my chaos over anything else.