You heard it, baby number 2 is on his/her way and we are so soo sooooooo excited about it!!  We found out a few days before Thanksgiving and had great intention of keeping it a total secret until 3 months but I am pretty sure I told my mom and sister within 5 seconds of finding out, and then the rest of our family as we saw them! No hiding something good! I told Gavin as we were taking our mini family photo session, I literally took the test out of my pocket and he unwrapped the news of baby 2! It was a very very very special moment for us all.


The best part of it all is Wyatt is going to be a big brother! He isn’t quite sold on the idea of the whole thing but I can’t really blame him when I show him my niece’s plastic doll and then try to explain that there is one of those in my belly. He looks at me like I’m crazy, the same look I’m sure ill see often in his teen years.  I know he will be such a great big brother, he lives for his little cousins and is so happy when he is around other kids. Gavin and I are both super close to our siblings, it really is the greatest blessing and the most fun, so I am happy that Wyatt and Baby 2 will be a little less than two years apart! Building our little tribe is the most meaningful part of life, I hope God blesses us with many healthy happy babies.

I am still on the early side, about 12.5 weeks but I literally feel I look/feel like I did at 5 months last time! I laughed when we found out we were pregnant and I swear I looked down and my button was undone on my pants, no tiny growing belly this time around haha. Crazy how your body knows what to do round 2 and I’m exited to show you my belly as it grows and grows these next 5ish months!


Knowing I am growing a little baby in my belly is obviously a wonderful thing but boy has this little one given me a run for my money. Unlike my pregnancy with Wyatt, I’ve been sick as a dog and left with what feels like zero energy! Chasing after Wyatt, stopping in the bathroom to vomit and then finding him in the kitchen with scissors in one hand, and a bag of cheese in the other has me laughing my way through it all. Plus Gavin, as always, is such a rockstar I’m lucky he is so hands on and takes care of us so well.

We will be finding out the gender here in the next few days and I have zero intention for a reveal party, we are WAY to excited to find out and I know the last thing ill be able to do is wait on the news!! I am in total boy mode, so much crazy happy fun with Wyatt I could totally see another little boy running around with us playing tractors and sitting in the dirt for hours. However, I need my girl. Even if we have ten babies ill need to have a little girl at some point, but my trust is in God he will give us exactly what we need!

I have a big smile typing this as we are about to share the next chapter of our life with you all. Growing a family is so sweet when we have so many wonderful people to share it with, I genuinely enjoy hearing from you all on here or in person! We feel incredibly blessed, happy, and excited for baby number 2! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead!



I remember someone telling me  before I had Wyatt that they were sad and emotional that their baby was turning one… I remember thinking to myself “what a silly and odd statement.” I now understand. His birthday was so bittersweet! Sweet because I get to celebrate this little human we watched go from a tiny purple potato who slept 22 hours a day to a little boy who runs crazy and loves to smile and live life. Bitter because there are so many “firsts” that won’t ever occur again, I’m basically done breastfeeding, and this little baby all the sudden feels like little boy. I could stop now and let my eyes fill up with tears thinking about it, but I am going to choose to put my big girl pants on and finish this blog post.



I can’t forget to thank Gina, who made all the adorable decorations for me! I am the least crafty person so I am so grateful for her.. and her cricket!



His birthday was a happy day for all of us, especially me and Gavin. We chose not to do gifts, instead we attached a little note to the invitations (see below) that asked our guests to bring an unwrapped gift for us to donate. I try to be very conscious about making sure our children grow up in home that understands the importance of giving back so although he may hate me for it later, he didn’t receive any gifts for his birthday. If you look at the photo below you can see the gifts in the bucket of the Tractor! We have fun plans to go and donate the gifts in November before Christmas so I’m sure you’ll see a blog post about that.



Friends and family came from all over, my best friends came, some from LA which was such a treat because although we are all at such difference places in our live, we are all able to come together and support each other which is really special. My mom friends all came and I loved seeing all our little kids interact. I feel super blessed to have so many awesome moms to learn from and laugh with, I’m so grateful for the genuine friendships I’ve made. It sounds silly but it meant so much to me to see the support and love that our people have for Wyatt, he has no idea how great he has it and I can’t wait to watch him figure that out as he grows older.




We weren’t about spending tons of money for his birthday, and I couldn’t justify a 50 dollar cake so I decided to make it myself and you know what.. it was super special. We made it together, he ate the batter (which i later realized had raw egg, oops) and finished off the frosting. All around it was such a simple, unforgettable experience that I decided will now be a tradition (until Wyatt tells me otherwise)!

DSC04973 (1)


DSC04847Wyatt loved being sung Happy Birthday, he looked around and smiled then cautiously approached the cake. He was quite confused about the frosting all over his hands, but once he tasted it, he was one happy camper. All he wanted to do was share with everyone! We invited all the little kids up to come take bites out of the cake, thus resulting in quite the cleanup!




Wyatt’s first birthday was a day we will cherish forever, I know Wyatt will look at these photos one day and smile.. then get mad at me for creating the no gift rule haha!

Have a great week!


I literally laughed out loud the other day as I sat in silence in our living room while Wyatt played in his room alone, thinking that moment was just too good to be true. I figured he was reading or playing with a toy I bought him as I listened to him  giggling out loud to himself. Come to find out he had found the top to a tupperware bowl  (Don’t ask how that got there) and was flipping it around between his hands. He was surrounded by toys of all kinds, plastic, wooden, colorful, plush… and he chose the tupperware.


It had me thinking that I needed to stop buying him so many toys, and in fact reduce the overflowing basket of toys I have accumulated over the past 10 months because all it is doing is taking up space. I reduced it down to 15 toys, ones he plays with and enjoys rather than the expensive cute ones I should have known he was going to hate. As a new mom I am always learning, its comical how much I don’t know. I decided to share one of the many things I’ve learned since becoming a mama… my child doesn’t need more stuff, in fact he needs less. Less toys in my home means more communication, imagination and concentration from my child, ill take that.


New mom? Going to a baby shower unsure of what is even good out there these days? Check out these toys, I promise you they won’t sit at the bottom of the toy basket taking up space.




Row 1: Take Along Tunes  Neon Rattler

Row 2:Rock A Stack  Sit to Stand Rocker Teething Keys 

Row 3: Baby Einstein Octopus Banana Toothbrush   Sophie 

Row 4:  Rollin Rainstick Chewy Teether  Baby Wooden Balls


Wyatt’s Jumper: Gap

Shirt: Mama Bird Shirt



Books are our thing. Taking the time, sitting on the floor reading to Wyatt at night or during the day is one of our very favorite things to do. It fuels me as a mom knowing that I am introducing him to words and sounds he has never heard before, and will use the rest of his life. When Bookroo contacted me to do a collaboration, I knew it was a company I would be proud to represent because the concept of monthly book subscriptions is something I would love as a mom. Not only would I purchase it for myself, but I think this is the perfect, out of the box creative gift for someone at a baby shower, Christmas, or birthday! Who doesn’t like a gift that keeps on giving?!


Bookroo enables and empowers parents to build their children’s book collections in an affordable and magical way through monthly book deliveries! Each month you will receive a box with 2-3 books either picture or board book form. I chose to have the board book since Wyatt is little and likes to chew on and destroy every book he reads! Having this adorable little box show up at your door is much more exciting than I anticipated, and unwrapping it with Wyatt was one of my favorite parts of it all!

Interested? Go ahead and purchase your bookroo, and use my coupon code  OurKindOfReal at checkout for either 10 dollars off or your third month free!