“Our Kind of Real” is a big cheesy smile with messy morning hair. It’s downing coffee at 6:45am with good intentions of getting a list of things done and reaching 3pm still in our pajamas. It’s waiting for Dad to get home after his super long day at work and fixing up pancakes and eggs as we eat on the floor watching Wyatt pull on electrical cords.

Our kind of real is far from perfect, but its ours and we are blessed to be living this life God has given us. We live a simple happy life where our joy does not come in the things around us for the best things in life are not things. It is in the daily grind of my husband working to provide for us, millions of mom fails, enjoying the family time we get to its fullest, and sharing happiness with those around us. We enjoy our life because its ours, our story may not be the most interesting but we can promise you its real.

We want to share the realness of life, our adventures, our highlights and our day to day. So often we are persuaded and influenced by the idea that life and parenthood are somehow supposed to be perfect all the time and well, sometimes its just not. We hope you follow along this journey with us, and we hope this inspires you to live the most real and authentic life you can. 


The Burkard Family