Talk about a fresh start, its a Monday and its the first of the month, I feel like I should be starting something today like a diet or setting a goal to reach! We have a super exciting month ahead of us, Wyatt turns 1, fun work changes for Gavin, and we are headed to Wyatts first Major league game to watch the White Sox.. so be prepared for some fun blog updates ūüôā

Today I’m sharing our last minute adventure to the California Mid State Fair.¬†Sounds super cheesy but Gavin and I literally fell in love during the mid state fair years back,¬†so bringing Wyatt this year was extra special¬†as we talked and walked through the place where we have so many great¬†memories.



Wyatt absolutely loved the fair, the bright lights and loud sounds of the rides had him pointing right and left, making happy noises as he observed the craziness from Gavin’s shoulders. We bought a few tickets and took Wyatt on the Merry Go Round, he loved it. He wasn’t too¬†sure of it when it began, in fact Gavin and I both thought for a moment he was getting sick but thankfully his blank stare turned into a big smile and we were all good haha.

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We had a Big Bubbas Bad BBQ for dinner, and enjoyed plenty of bomb desserts! Being together with just the three of us was literally the best, as we walked to our car we chatted about how much fun it was to watch Wyatt enjoy something so much. We knew that watching him enjoy things would bring us happiness but we had no idea it would be that wonderful. Any of you guys have memories of watching your kid enjoy something so much? I would love to hear about them!

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Hope you all have a wonderful week!



Once a year our entire family packs up and heads north to¬†a two bedroom house for a weekend at Lake Nacimento. Doesn’t sound so bad until you realize that our “family” consists of about 25 people! Call it organized chaos as bodies and bags of clothes can be seen every place you turn, no television, no internet just good ol’ conversation and laughs. My mom cooks amazing breakfasts so waking up to the smell of bacon always starts the day off just right. “Last call for anyone getting on the boat” can be heard every few hours as people pile into the John Deere Gator and head to the boat¬†ready for a good time of wake surfing and inner tubing! Years and years of good times have us all waiting for this time of the year and it never disappoints.

IMG_6053IMG_6139 (1)IMG_6218

This year, we had Wyatt so that changed the dynamic a bit, and got us a big queen bed in the air conditioned room so we had no complaints there! We took Wyatt out for his first official boat ride and he loved it until we put his life jacket on, poor guy hates being confined.


He watched Gavin as he killed it on the wake surfboard and enjoyed time steering with Uncle Kraig and hanging with everyone until the lull of the boat had him fast asleep. It is so fun to be with Wyatt when he watches Gavin because it reminds me over and over of a Brad Paisley song “Watching you” about a little boy who wants to be just like his dad, and I’m convinced Wyatt already thinks Gavin is his hero.


Time truly flew by, and before we knew it we were on our way home with a baby in the back asleep as we laughed at all the hilarious events that went down. Life is always a little better at the lake.


Have a wonderful week! Side note, love running into you guys and hearing about you reading my blog! Makes my day ūüôā


Since Gavin and I started dating, the tide pools have always been a spot he loves to go. Something about the ocean is so therapeutic for us both, we are so grateful we get to live so close to the ocean! ¬†Gavin has been counting down the days until¬†he could bring Wyatt to enjoy his favorite thing to do, so one morning he got up and literally started packing the cooler announcing it was time to take him! ¬†Its even more adorable because gavin truly believes wyatt is his clone in baby form and that comes with knowing everything he will like/not like to do… I go along with it obviously. Shell Beach is an amazing beach, especially with Wyatt. He¬†loved the tide pools, exploring all the little nooks and crannies and getting to see the sea life up close and personal. It is much better than behind glass at an aquarium, and much cheaper. ¬†The sand is coarse so its not getting stuck in every crease, and the position of the beach sits on a cliff so there is ample shade to relax in. The parking is super easy, and after a short¬†walk down a flight of stairs you¬†arrive at what seems like your own private beach! Our favorite beach hands down if you can’t tell ūüôā

We packed a lunch and spent the afternoon searching around the tide pools watching Wyatt explore and discover all sorts of new things! From tiny crabs (that Wyatt tried to eat), lobster shells, sea anenamies, and starfish there was no shortage of sea life where we were looking!

Thinking of going? Be sure to check the tide to make sure you are going at low tide so you can access the pools. Click here to check the daily tide report.

Ice Cream is our thing. We love it. Going out to ice cream, dessert, basically anything sweet is our jam and we go to it probably more often than we should! ¬†Its easy for us to do something like dessert with Wyatt because its delicious¬†and we don’t have to worry about sitting and bothering people around us eating. It’s the perfect little family date. This awesome little spot called Batch in San Luis Obispo is worth a visit, its’ locally owned, fresh, and has ice cream sandwiches to die for. Choose your warm cookie, type of¬†ice cream and bam you’ve got a melted piece of heaven in your hands ready to enjoy. We took a little trip there after work and took Wyatt to Bubblegum Alley.

Bubblegum Alley is insane, literally years of people’s chewed gum stuck on the wall and although it sounds unsanitary and disgusting it is actually epic. Colors upon colors to look at for Wyatt, and for a kid that loves to touch everything he only managed to grab the gum wall once ha ha. It was a simple little night for our family but it took up a few hours and we loved it.


The Burkards

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Our Kind of Real.. more like real bad luck! Yup. You heard it right, I¬†promised I would keep it as real as possible so yes,¬†the 1954 Corvette is currently in the shop.¬†Thankfully¬†nobody was hurt, it was due to the battery dying so it was¬†out of my¬†control, ¬†and the damage isn’t as bad as it could have been. (Staying positive if you can’t tell) ¬†After crashing we were able to bring it back into the garage just fine. There was nothing we could do at that point so, we decided to continue our girls day without the Corvette and head to our destination, The beautiful¬†Madonna Inn .

I took my nieces Edi and Maile out for a much needed dessert date. Living in a male dominated household from my humans to my fur babies, a little estrogen is always welcome…especially when it comes in the form of dressing up and eating fancy desserts. We ordered the champagne cake (Lacking the pink swirls), triple ice cream sundae, and strawberry pie for lunch. Well presented and delicious is a deadly combo and boy did we scarf all three plates down fast. Days like these are so wonderful, I remember¬†that it isn’t just about me and what I can do with my own children. Its important to me to invest time into my nieces and nephews because people in my family did that for me¬†and we are so close because of it.

It was a lovely afternoon, full of pink, smiles, laughs and the best part, totally affordable. Someday I would love be able to stay the night there and enjoy everything Madonna has to offer, but for now we will be fancy and dine in the bakery!

If I can inspire you to do anything this week, it would to take the time to treat your nieces and nephews out for a date, write a letter to them, or reach out in some way. After all, family is the most important thing we have.


The Burkards