Yesterday we picked Wyatt up from school and surprised him and Rosie with a little adventure, as Wyatt sat in his carseat he yelled in excitement over going to see a waterfall!

Gavin decided we were going to Big Falls/Little Falls outside of Arroyo Grande for a little family adventure, I was in. With goldfish, oranges, and drinks we were ready to rock and roll.

We drove 40 minutes on the back roads, kids on our laps going through these big river crossings in Gavin’s truck. The noise of life felt farther and farther away every mile we drove into this beautiful mountain. I’ll never forget watching Gavin and Wyatt’s facial expressions as Wyatt sat on his lap. As if I didn’t think they were already the same person, watching their reactions confirmed it, every reaction was the same I just started taking pictures because it was so funny. They were both like little kids in a candy store, hooting and hollering through each river crossing. Rosie was just laughing and eating, of course and enjoying herself on my lap. We had the best time with a little George Strait in the background I thought to myself how lucky I am to be right where I was.

When we arrived at the trail head we saw a beautiful waterfal (not the one we were hiking to) perfectly situated in plain sight for the kids to see, I joked with Gavin we could have ended it there and they would have been happy. Gavin wanted more of an adventure so we headed down the trail. Remember that big river we crossed in our truck a few miles back? That same river was in front of us and we had to cross it, on foot with two little kids. Most parents would probably realize that it was now a risk and we should probably turn around, not us. Gavin took both kids to the other side, using what rocks he could as placement for his “waterproof” boots, made them sit far away from the river then came back and got me while I watched them and made sure they didn’t move a muscle. It was comical, you think we would have stopped there. Nope, two more river crossings and a few minutes of hiking we decided it was time to stop and just enjoy where we were. The idea of getting to the waterfall seemed less and less important the more we enjoyed the simple journey of getting there. We threw in rocks, felt the freezing water, looked around at the big trees and enjoyed a few hours of no reception or a person in sight. Just our little family and nature.

It made me think about the idea we had at first, needing to make it to the waterfalls and see how happy the kids were when they saw it. Yet when we really thought about it, the journey failing to get there was the best part. As we drove home, back over all those crazy rivers I smiled to myself, grateful for Gavin, Wyatt and Rosie’s giggles and squels all along the way. Grateful for the ability to get excited over the little things. Sometimes when we forget to stop and find success in the process and joy in the journey, We get to the end and realize its not its all chopped up to be. There is power in finding success in the process. I hope today, wherever you are in your journey you can find some joy like we did.



  Happy Wednesday everyone, hope this post reaches you at a happy time in your week! I am sitting here with coffee at a desk with no outlet and a computer at 18% so here we go!

Ever get back from a vacation and feel like you’re full of energy instead of drained of it? I definelty have had those times where I get home and I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation, thankfully this wasn’t one of them. For Christmas, my mom gave us an experience gift which was the best gift idea ever. I had originally wanted to go to this little cabin for Gavin’s birthday but instead she gifted it to us for Christmas and we were so happy.




We wanted to go to the snow with the kids but the 5-6 hour drive from our house to the big time snow places like Mammoth and China Peak sounded daunting and pricy when we considered Gavin’s time off and driving long hours with two children under 4. We didn’t have a lot of time and we wanted to spend as little amount of time in the car as possible. Mount Pinos was our choice, and a good one it was. This sleepy little mountain town was amazing, the easiest, most perfect getaway for our family.




Our kids looked like marshmallows, so fluffy and impossible to hold with all their snow gear. Gloves, hats, jackets, pants and snow jackets you name it we had it on them. We were the very typical snow “rookies” and we ordered everything under the sun to prevent our kids from being cold. The thought of cold toes reminded me of college winters in Boulder, Colorado and I wasn’t about to put them through that pain, so we ordered little snow boots and these amazing socks from Amazon! I swear I am over here freezing my booty off in my Lululemon pants and borrowed boots from my aunt, and my kids are dressed to the nines but I guess that’s motherhood. You guys would have laughed if you saw me the week prior to our snow trip, the amount of Amazon boxes full of snow gear that came in was ridiculous. I am turning into my grandma, who literally winces at the thought of my kiddos being cold.

When we drove into Mount Pinos, it had snowed the night before so it felt a little bit like driving into a winter wonderland. The roads were white and the perfect amount of white snow rested on top of the trees. No brown snow, no tire tracks it was such a dreamy scene and we were so graeful to experience it. Wyatt was screaming “snow, snow, snow” and Rosie was sleeping. When we arrived at the cabin, I started laughing like no freaking way this is happening.

The cutest log cabin was covered in snow, no footprints, perfect swing hanging from a large oak tree, and a little light on in the cabin we were lucky to call ours.

I’l never forget the crisp cold air, and the gush of warm air as we opened the cabin door. You know when you think of the little cabin in the snow and the cozy feeling, this cabin had all the feels. For only $132 a night, this was nothing fancy, but perfect in every way. The board games were endless, Wyatt learned to play Candy Land with us and actually won, there was an old popcorn maker, and an old ice cream maker. We made ourselves at home and I cooked some fresh bread and soup from the Cusack Family Cookbook my grandma just gave me.


Okay im literally laughing out loud right now at the paragraph above, it sounds so domesticated and perfect but in my life which is SO NOT and totally full of imperfect moments but you’ve got to believe me when I say this moment really did feel surreal. It truly felt like we were hours away, just our little family and nothing else. After the crazy of the holidays and life I felt like I never wanted to leave, just the four of us and a warm fire had my mama heart overflowing with graciousness. God is good

In a matter of minutes the kids were bundled up and we were up the road to this little sledding spot. Two other local families were there for a brief moment and then left so we literally had this place to ourselves. Wyatt went down with Gavin, then Rosie, then our entire family which you can see on my Instagram was hilarious. I don’t know if Gavin or the kids were having more fun, Gavin was running up that hill and sledding back down in record speed. Rosie loved sledding, she is such a dare devil we finally let her go down on the last day and she was so cute.

This trip was a great reminder that the biggest adventures don’t have to be grand. This was a cabin two hours from our house, nothing grandiose or fancy but we put heart into it. We prepared, talked it up and really found joy in the simple little 2 day getaway. Joy in the old country we played as we drove up, joy in the smell of the fresh bread, or in Rosie’s little marshmallow looking self waddling around the snow, joy in Wyatt’s smile as he sled down a hill for the first time. As parents sometimes it can feel daunting to do a big trip or getaway but this snow trip proved to us that it doesn’t matter the scale of the adventure, it’s how much heart you put into it that makes it great.


I hope you guys have an amazing week, life is really about perspective and I’m learning that more and more everyday. 




To See The Cabin we Stayed At – Click Here!

Ah! Rosie just fell asleep and Wyatt is at preschool so I’m taking my time and ignoring my giant pile of camping gear that needs to be put away in order to write about an amazing little getaway we just got back from.

If I close my eyes I can still hear Wyatt giggling with his grandma over a funny peanut song as they sat together on a camping bench, my nephew in a homeschool session in the tent putting numbers together with Brea, and the sound of the truck’s diesel engine as Gavin returned back from an early morning surf session with his dad, brother and uncle. It was one of those getaways where you look around, breath and think “this is life.”

You wouldn’t have had any idea at that moment that our Studabaker Camper overheated 4 miles from the campsite the day before and changed our plans entirely.

Ill never forget looking behind me as Gavin pulled off the side of the 101 with an engine blowing smoke everywhere. When I finally turned around and got to the side with him he goes “look, we are not going to say one thing negative about this, we are going to stay positive and everything is going to be just fine.” What was supposed to be our “home” for camping was completely unpacked and shoved into my 4Runner within minutes and brought to the campsite. What was going to be an indoor living trailer turned into a new 5 person tent, sleeping bags, and an outdoor kitchen. I have been working a lot on mindset lately and this was one instance where having practiced a bit totally paid off because we turned what could have been a disaster into a laughable and light adventure. Looking back it was a ton of fun and I’m happy to share that little adventure because its one we won’t forget.

When we got settled into our tent, the kids were going crazy with excitement. Camping is not new to Gavin, his Eagle Scout kicked right in and he was getting all organized and teaching me everything he could think of, I loved it. Me, on the other hand, can’t remember a time in my life I slept in a tent. I was a rookie at age 28 which is a little embarrassing but hey we all have to start somewhere.

There were seventeen people and two dogs total camping with us in our group spot at El Capitan Campsite so you can imagine the fun and craziness that was going on. Wyatt and Rosie were practically held by someone else for three days straight. They were in heaven. Being the little kids they were constantly entertained by cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. From playing catch with Jarom, Ninja Turtles with Jedidiah, getting bottle fed by Naomi, learning to cook pumpkin cake with Auntie Keara, or holding Auntie Brea’s hands down into the ocean my kids were on a life high. So many times I sat and thought to myself how precious family time outdoors really is.

The second day was spent at the beach and Wyatt and Rosie loved every second of it. Rosie was obsessed with the Ocean and was trying to get anyone and everyone to take her into it. Wyatt was busy chasing around his cousins Jeremiah and Forrest trying to learn and watch whatever they were doing. It was so fun to sit on the beach with my mother in and law and sister in law just watching the kids run around and the guys hop from activity to activity. That night I went and got a Campsite map with my nephew Jeremiah and together with some of my nieces we created a treasure hunt around the campground. Kids went crazy searching the area and finding the gold chocolate coins. I can still picture them all walking like a train, hands on each other’s shoulders from area to area.

Driving home I couldn’t help but think about a few things I will leave you with here today…

there is serous power in unplugging
going somewhere where you have to create fun is well worth the energy you put into it
making time for family is the most important and valuable use of time
when plans change, go with it.


Happy Thursday everyone!



Happy Monday everyone! Hope this post reaches you well. Currently sitting on the couch listening to Wyatt read Rosie play in the other room while I see the most fall morning ever outside! I love this time of year! Here on the central coast, the weather dips below 70 and I instantly get out our puffy Patagonia jackets and boots. We’ve officially hit fall and the rest of the year is MY FAVORITE, I actually just saw a Christmas advertisement and I about died. I would like to say the best days of 2018 are just ahead and fall is the opener.

The other day we went to U Pick Apples and I snapped a couple of these photos, they were seriously so cute and the place was awesome! Someone had told me about it and I went for the first time! It was so fun because we were Able to take a basket and head out into the Orchard and pick and eat apples. They said for as long as you’re out there you can taste apples so we probably ate more apples than we bought to be honest! Kids loved running up and down and Wyatt brought his tractor and loaded all of his apples in there!

I love getting Wyatt and Rosie out to do fun things during this time of year because its all so festive and beautiful. Today I am sharing with you guys my fall musts for the Central Coast of California! Just a little list of goodies and memorable spots to create traditions, make memories, and enjoy life with the ones you love!

Feel free to drag this image to your desktop or go to my Instagram and screenshot it in my stories today!








I feel like I just stepped into a coffee shop with an old friend, with a million updates and not enough time! Life has been on fast forward, a constant movement and changes everywhere I turn. I can’t say I’m hating it because I’m actually have a lot of fun although it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. To prevent total word vomit, scatter brained I’m going to title a few sections and give you guys the jist.

Gypsy Life

My life is a homebody’s worst nightmare. Sadly, I am a homebody so channeling positivity and energy into making each place we are at a home has been quite the task. Since June 28th we have 1. moved out of our home and rented it out 2. moved into my parents house, moved out two months later 3. moved into Gavin’s parents guest cottage on their property and we will be moving out of here in two months! Where to next you ask? Finally our farmhouse property, however not in the way you may think! Each space has been so much fun and full of adventure and change for us all. As a mom I’ve never put so much effort into being the “home” my kids and husband need me to be.

Farmhouse, we’re fighting for you!

 I’ve spent the last month really working on mindset because we are going to have to salvage as much wood and precious items from the farmhouse and rebuild a new one. Yup. Not how we pictured it but you know what, I’ve learned life never goes as planned and if this is the “not planned” part of my life I will take it. So there’s that update, been waiting to get that out for a minute. We are going to move onto the property and because rebuilding a new house overnight is going to take a minute, we are going to buy a little trailer to live in while our guest unit is finished and then live in that while we build our home! If you look at it backwards, by the time we are in our finished home we will have moved four times. It’s going to be a crazy ride but its will be worth it! Now we get a brand new house which I would be very annoying if I complained about that. So we are excited and our meeting today with the city went great!! Time for some vision boards!

Cabbage Leaves, Tiny Steps and our sweet Rosie Girl

Sweet Ro is almost officially weaned and this was WAY harder than I expected. Cabbage leaves, Tylenol and a few days of true blues are thankfully being me but holy cow did anyone else have trouble weaning? Rosie was totally fine but my body was like wait, hold up, I’ve produced milk for 13 months and now you want me to stop? It was really crazy, I’m not an emotional person so to have feelings of sadness for no reason was crazy and I really worked hard to get outside, workout, and hang with my mom to help me get through the hormonal change I didn’t expect!


My little love. In preschool three days a week for two weeks now and I still make sure he knows how much I miss him while he is at school. Around 12:30 I get really excited to go in and pick him up because he gets super excited and drops his toys and wants to be held when he sees me which really makes my mama heart happy! He has been learning so much at school its amazing, he will come home and talk about the funniest things. The other day he goes “You want to know the difference between a toad and a frog?” I am constantly laughing and listening to him totally smiling inside at how great of a little boy he is.

Parents Getaway!

Never ever ever ever ever underestimate the power of a getaway with your signifiant other, especially if you’re parents. We realized that over the past year we have done quite a bit of traveling but nothing with just the two of us. The second we realized that we were like get us the heck out of here! The morning we were supposed to leave I woke up at 7am and Gavin was already up, dressed and packed it was super cute. We went to Rosewood Cordevalle and we had the best time. We officially don’t know how to relax so we hiked and worked out then spent the rest of the time chatting and catching up on life. It feels good to be in love and to nurture our relationship. On the way home we were already planning our next getaway!

I will likely be writing individual posts about all those topics above but I thought I would update you on life because its going a million miles an hour! I appreciate you guys following along, I know you probably feel like you can’t keep up but I almost feel the same hahah! I’ve learned a lot about mindset lately and the importance of focusing on the good things, really keeping my blinders on so my focus is on the things that matter and things that are vital to keep my little family happy. At the end of the day, if I’m stressing about things that aren’t necessary it flows into my family and that’s the last thing we need so I’ve been grateful for that realization lately. . Talk to you guys soon, pancakes are burning lol.

Lots of Love,