Happy Tuesday everyone, hope this post reaches you at a happy time of your week! We are so excited about everything that’s going on and having this platform to share and document it all makes it even sweeter. The Farmhouse work is staring to go full force and I want to make sure I get this before post in because so much is changing in the next two weeks!

A little backstory, we have had our eyes on this 1920’s farmhouse for so long, feels like over a year but the starts finally aligned and we were able to purchase it, from our (Now) new neighbors! The sweetest couple owned this house and we are so grateful that they live on the same street so our relationship has only just begun! The neighborhood is full of awesome people, families with children and grandparents so we know we  will feel right at home!

Like I said, this is a fixer upper and we have so many plans so keeping this simple (today will be tough because my mind is going a million directions) but I’ll start with the basics, the lot and the pictures!

The property inlcudes a 2 bedroom house, a guest house, a small playhouse, and a barn. The barn has been copeltey taken over by Gavin. He tells me don’t even look it it, its his for all his Bronco things! Having his own space will be good for us all, and if I look out my kitchen window I will be able to watch him and Wyatt at work and I’m so excited for that!

As for our timeline, we are going to address the guest unit first and get that all set up to rent out and then get after the house! I am serious when I say the guest unit will be nicer than our house for a while ahah!

Here are the photos of our little farmhouse I’m going to start with the hashtag #burkardfarmhouse  so I can keep track!Last night we were down at the house with Gavin’s parents and his dad was helping us trim all the trees because fumigation starts here right away! Once the house is tented I won’t be so terrified of opening windows and uncovering furniture haha! Ill document weekly videos on our Instagram TV, and smaller details in my stories. Basically, if you follow along my Instagram, you’ll be set!

Have the best week!







Lately you can find me tucked under a hat, pony tail, brows looking a little like princess diaries before the makeover and  most likely carrying or packing up something heavy. I have been head down working hard alongside Gavin and the kids since al this goodness began. Life has been crazy the past two weeks and for many amazing reasons I’m excited to share wth you today!

We are Moving!

Actually, we are moved. The only items left in our home that we are going to rent out is our beds. Thankfully renters start soon so the place will feel a bit like a home again! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing help we have had this entire moving process, my family has been amazing as always and I would be a crazy lady about now if it weren’t for them!

Until then, to Grandma’s  house we go.

This all happened quite fast but the bottom line is we are finally going to be where we have talked and dreamed and  thought about for a couple years now! We are headed to the place we both grew up, Arroyo Grande, California! A  quaint little town, full of nice, normal and good hearted humans.  Even better is the amazing little place we are going to call home is a literal farmhouse. The only thing separating us from the actual lettuce and various vegetables that will be growing is a teeny little dirt road! Can you tell I’m excited?! Something super sweet is that my very best friend growing up, Carly is part of the family who owns the farming land in front of us. It feels a bit like full circle and it certainly warms my heart

The Kicker.

This isn’t a nice farmhouse where everything is perfect, white, pristine and perfect. Its a fixer upper, and all this work starts next week. You ready to follow along this journey with us? Hope so!

Let the Fun Begin.

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Happy Saturday everyone! I thought I would kick off The weekend with a little update on how my first two weeks of this working out/eating healthy challenge is going with a few things I’ve learned/found/discovered about myself and this journey. I wanted to share a picture from the very beginning of my journey to show that weight loss isn’t overnight, its a journey.


VEGGIES: I eat them. They eat them.

I have never been a hater of vegetables but I can’t count on my hands the times at the store I’ve bought a bunch of cool healthy vegetables and found them stuffed in the back, rotten a week later. I realized how my entire family could benefit from eating more vegetables, so I chose three that we love and bought them in bulk! Broccoli, Carrots, and Spinach. I went to Costco and bought them, and every day I try to get everyone in my family to eat all three! Usually goes like this… a morning Spinach smoothie, snacks of carrots, and at dinner, I try to squeeze in the broccoli!

Take what you get

Mothers understand, sometimes even getting an hour to yourself each day to workout seems impossible, so you take what you get. These past two weeks I have done more workouts with my kids than without them. Whether that be running the Bob Jones trail in Avila, or in my living room with my kids running everywhere, I do what I can. Its actually embarrassing but last week I was doing a backwards lunge and knocked Rosie over, it was so sad I didn’t realize she was behind me! Keeping my goals realistic with my lifestyle is most important.

Shakes for Days

I love eating, I love having something in my hand to drink or snack on, in fact I thought that was one of the biggest problems. It’s not. I found that it doesn’t take a million calories to make an amazing shake. I do one scoop of vanilla protein powder, half a tray of Ice, a bunch of spinach (Like 2-3 handfuls) 1/2 cup of berries and some water. It easily fills a massive shaker bottle and I sip on it for around an hour! Nothing makes me happier than feeling full and seeing I have more left.

Pre Workout:  Game Changer

I’ve always loved talking about things that change the game for me, pre workout is one of them. However, I had a bad experience before I had a good one. A little over a year ago, Gavin shared some with me one time and my face was itching for like 8 hours it was so uncomfortable and unnatural I stepped away from the idea until recently. Im pretty sure his pre workout at the time was called HemoRage… I should have known from the get go haha. I’ve also gotten quite a few questions about breastfeeding and pre workout, and personally this one has not affected Rosie one bit. If you want to purchase it, click HERE.

Weight Loss

I know people say, don’t judge your weight loss by the scale. All that is wonderful, but i use a scale. I use it together with my own clothes and how they fit. If I see the number on the scale go down, I’m happy and I can tell if I am firming up by looking in the mirror!  I have lost 1.5 pounds as of today, and I feel much much tighter! Since giving birth, the picture you see shortly after I’ve lost 50.5 pounds.


I will be sharing my measurements and weight next update, I have no shame in how little or much I weigh so I’m excited to get that out there! Life is so much more than a number on a scale or a measurement, we all need to make sure that living a healthy lifestyle trumps numbers or societal expectations. Best advice I have is stay in your lane, you got this.

For more on my journey, follow my coach and great friend Whitney, HERE

The past two months I have had the serious pleasure of watching people Show Up. It may not sound like much the phrase “Show Up” but if you experience it first hand, you realize it’s gravity. If you have been following along the past two months we have basically been gone more than we have been home, 8 of the last twelve days have been spent away and my kids have been on more than 16 flights in the past month alone. Funny part is, we are not alone in this crazy amount of travel for events. My parents, grandparents, siblings, Aunt, Uncle and cousins have all gone the distance to simply, Show Up.

Last month was my brother’s wedding in Tulum,Mexico. Two weekends ago we were all in Athens, Georgia for my brother Scotty’s College Graduation. After being home for three  short days we all packed up again and set out to Waco Texas to cheer on the last graduate of our family, my littlest sister Jenna. People Showed Up.

Twenty people, ranging from 9 months to 83 were in our group traveling together, so you can image the range of needs.

Over this past month I’ve had talks with my grandparents, cousins, and siblings about everything under the sun. I’ve watched the struggle of my grandparents walking a long distance in the hot Georgia heat, and I’ve seen my family constantly looking out for one another. I cant count the times on my hands someone has taken one of my kids to play or thrown them on their shoulders for a long walk.

There is power in showing up for people.

That doesn’t mean you have to fly across the country, sometimes its a drive or a phone call or making an obvious sacrifice. These past few weeks have really opened my eyes to how important it is to show up for your family. This society has really put an ugly emphasis on keeping “ourselves” happy and first but what it hasn’t done is recognize the pure happiness that comes from showing up for people and the community it creates. Enjoy some pictures from the past few weekends!

“Because with our family we know where home is, so instead of sending flowers… we the Roses”