There are moments in life where I can literally feel the fullness of my heart. It’s a feeling I wish I could bottle up and save to give to someone having a bad day. The past ten days with my little family have brought more smiles and laughs than Gavin or I could have imagined.  

If you follow along my social media or blog you know that Kauai has a very special place in our hearts, I have been coming here now for over 20 years, we were engaged here, I’ve floated in the pool 36 weeks pregnant here, and each year Kauai serves as our little getaway from reality. Between Gavin’s work schedule, building a new house, and living in guest units over the past year I can truthfully tell you i’ve had a LOT to juggle both physically and mentally while doing my best to maintain stability in my families life. 

The busyness of life was grasping at me, I felt like I was “needed” in so many directions I decided the very thing that kept me attached to all these different elements in life was my phone. My phone was the lifeline to my busy lifestyle, so I decided to do something that embarrassingly enough, scared me. The second I thought about doing it I got a bit of anxiety which was exactly the reason I decided I needed to do it. I changed my voicemail and left my phone turned off, on the dresser in our house. It wasn’t just social media or email that were grabbing my attention, it was the ability to be mindless by looking at a screen, the accessibility to anything I could think of that derailed me from what was in front of me or inside my head.  It was no doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Phoneless and disconnected enabled me to see every single happy smile and moment through my own eyes. I can’t tell you how much time I spent thinking, which sounds so weird but it’s the truth. I sat in my own thoughts, and did a lot of thinking which I didn’t realize until I truly thought about how my phone really takes me away from my own thoughts and reflection. 

  I brought my camera because I love taking pictures and video so I was able to capture these memories without feeling the need to instantly share them with anyone. The happiness from keeping them to ourselves far outweighed any gratification from an outsider, we truly lived each moment and as I can write this I can feel it in my heart. 

We got up every morning at the crack of dawn thanks to our human alarm clocks, and sat on the porch watching the waves hit the rocks with a cup of Kauai coffee in our hands. The first three days my mom and our best family friend Lori were there so Gavin and I were able to go workout together and have some alone time. We worked out, then walked and chatted so far away from the realities of life, moments and conversations I’ll cherish forever. 

We spent the next week adventuring, swimming, seeing as much of the island we could. We biked, kayaked, paddle boarded, swam with turtles, devoured ice cream and shave ice, napped, and relaxed. I will write more about the things we did but today I just want to write about the power of being together and disconnected from reality. 

Bottom line, life can wait. Everything that I put on hold is still there, anything that is only accessible by phone is not as important as the lives of your family. What life has demanded of me can in Gavin’s word “sit the bench.” I hope if this post does anything for you, it inspires you to experience the best moments without your phone.

 Made a video of our amazing trip on Youtube! Check it out below and I’ll talk to you guys soon!



I am sitting in the parking lot outside a what feels like Costco size warehouse of every item I’ve ever “put in my cart” and gone to bed dreaming of. This Habitat Home and Garden Warehouse Sale makes my dreams a reality. Inside and outside under a big tent are items up to 75% off and let me tell you, this is no Target dollar section. These items that are for sale are quality and trendy, heavy, and you can see the detail with just a glance. I can guarantee you’ll pull the trigger on at least one item… it’s that good. From tiny vases for $5 to coffee tables and media consoles from $285-$500 the deals are endless. 

This won’t last.

The Habiat Home and Garden Sale only lasts a few days. Thursday – Sunday is your window and you won’t want to miss this opportunity, trust me! I thought the best way to showcase all these amazing deals are to share with you a few I LOVE that you don’t want to miss out on. This will hopefully give you a glimpse into all the goodies they have to offer! 

Habitat Home and Garden Warehouse Sale is located at 1291 Mesa View Drive Arroyo Grande, California and it is open from Thursday – Sunday 9am-4pm each day!

decorative bench
farmhouse coffee table
decorative pots
jute rugs
raw antique wood
farmhouse lights
row of dressers
raw wood tree planter

Hi everyone! Sitting here on my couch eating some cheerios and have been looking forward to sitting down and writing about my TruSculpt ID experience two days ago at Revive Medical Spa in San Luis Obispo, California.

Backstory/ Full Disclosure: Shea, from Cutera who makes the TruSculpt ID reached out to me to see if I would try this fat burning treatment and after some apprehension over the vulnerability it would take since they would “Go Live” and film the entire treatment, I decided to go for it. The Reason? Something had potential to solve a real issue I have of stubborn mom gut, and I believe in trying things to make myself a better version of me! I am NOT being paid to write this, I was given the treatment for free in exchange for my honest review. If I’ve said it once i’ll say it a million times, being honest and real is far more important than convincing you a product is good because i’m being paid to do so. Back to my story

In the office where my treatment took place!

Revive Medical hosted me for this and the place was awesome, from the moment I walked into the door the ladies were sincere, warm and kind. The decor was clean and white which I loved, and you could tell that the people there loved their job. That, to me, is important because I value good people and good customer service. Anyways, they ushered me back into a perfectly lit room and showed me the machine, which to be honest looked a lot like the ultrasound machines at the doctors office. It looked simple and far from intimidating, and after the nurse explained a little about the machine I changed into my bathing suit and we got started with some before photos.

TruSculpt ID

Since they were doing it live on Instagram, I brought some leggings because I didn’t want my entire body filmed while laying on a table, but it really doesn’t matter what you wear as long as the area you are treating is free of clothing. It depends on where the areas are where you want to treat but I chose the mom gut, aka the stretch of skin and fat below your belly button. I swear no matter what I do those fat cells are on a permanent vacation, its so frustrating.

The nurse placed the devices in an imaginary six pack form on my belly and then two on the love handle areas I wanted to treat. After, she wrapped me up in a human- like saran wrap and she started the machine. The little nodules got warmer as time went on, and the first five minutes were an increase of temperature in different areas until my entire stomach reached the fat burning temperature, where I sit at for 10 minutes. It felt like I was wearing a weighted, heated army jacket/tube shirt. Personally, I like my showers really hot like almost burn you hot so this heat was nothing to me but I would definitely consider it very warm/hot. Personally I found it soothing, it felt like a sauna for my belly.

After the ten minutes were up she unwrapped then took off the devices one by one. Nothing hurt about this process it was super simple, no mess just a tiny bit of sweat she rubbed off. My abs were red in the areas of the nodules but nothing else and I literally took some photos then put my clothes back on and went and got my kids from my moms house.

I wondered how it worked? It seemed so simple. I could use all the fancy words to describe it but i’m not going to, TruSculpt uses heat to kill your fat cells. Once they are dead, your body will naturally rid of them, and results are complete by the 12th week mark. The reason that this isn’t an immediate fix is because they burn the fat cells, up to 24%, and then your body naturally disposes of them. This can be used by anyone, any reasonable age aka not too young. It can also be used in any place on your body, and it helps reduce cellulite! Woohoo!

Did I notice an immediate change? Not so much, nothing like whoa that’s crazy im skinny now, more like a tightening from the heat and the restriction. Am I looking forward to seeing a change? Absolutely, I will be going back around 12 weeks to measure and see, and I will update you guys along the way.

Do I recommend this product at this moment, I don’t have an answer for that. In fact, if I did sit here and tell you it works I would be dishonest because my results are clinically not supposed to show up for a week or two and possibly up to 12! Trust me, seems like a long time to but no time will be too long if this dang belly fat goes away! What I do recommend is if this is something you’re interested in, like I was, contact the office at Revive Medical Spa. What they will do is set you up with a consultation (which is free) to talk about your options, its difficult to give prices as well because it all depends on the areas you are treating! I hope this gives you a good insight into my initial experience, its as honest as I can be, which is what you deserve!

I believe in taking care of myself, being reasonable, and putting in effort. I’ve found that when im taking care of myself im also better at taking care of those around me I love most like Gavin and my kids. If this works, you can BET ill be singing and dancing it’s praises. I value honesty and transparency and I hope you can see that here tonight in this post!

Happy Late Wednesday Night Friends!


Yesterday we picked Wyatt up from school and surprised him and Rosie with a little adventure, as Wyatt sat in his carseat he yelled in excitement over going to see a waterfall!

Gavin decided we were going to Big Falls/Little Falls outside of Arroyo Grande for a little family adventure, I was in. With goldfish, oranges, and drinks we were ready to rock and roll.

We drove 40 minutes on the back roads, kids on our laps going through these big river crossings in Gavin’s truck. The noise of life felt farther and farther away every mile we drove into this beautiful mountain. I’ll never forget watching Gavin and Wyatt’s facial expressions as Wyatt sat on his lap. As if I didn’t think they were already the same person, watching their reactions confirmed it, every reaction was the same I just started taking pictures because it was so funny. They were both like little kids in a candy store, hooting and hollering through each river crossing. Rosie was just laughing and eating, of course and enjoying herself on my lap. We had the best time with a little George Strait in the background I thought to myself how lucky I am to be right where I was.

When we arrived at the trail head we saw a beautiful waterfal (not the one we were hiking to) perfectly situated in plain sight for the kids to see, I joked with Gavin we could have ended it there and they would have been happy. Gavin wanted more of an adventure so we headed down the trail. Remember that big river we crossed in our truck a few miles back? That same river was in front of us and we had to cross it, on foot with two little kids. Most parents would probably realize that it was now a risk and we should probably turn around, not us. Gavin took both kids to the other side, using what rocks he could as placement for his “waterproof” boots, made them sit far away from the river then came back and got me while I watched them and made sure they didn’t move a muscle. It was comical, you think we would have stopped there. Nope, two more river crossings and a few minutes of hiking we decided it was time to stop and just enjoy where we were. The idea of getting to the waterfall seemed less and less important the more we enjoyed the simple journey of getting there. We threw in rocks, felt the freezing water, looked around at the big trees and enjoyed a few hours of no reception or a person in sight. Just our little family and nature.

It made me think about the idea we had at first, needing to make it to the waterfalls and see how happy the kids were when they saw it. Yet when we really thought about it, the journey failing to get there was the best part. As we drove home, back over all those crazy rivers I smiled to myself, grateful for Gavin, Wyatt and Rosie’s giggles and squels all along the way. Grateful for the ability to get excited over the little things. Sometimes when we forget to stop and find success in the process and joy in the journey, We get to the end and realize its not its all chopped up to be. There is power in finding success in the process. I hope today, wherever you are in your journey you can find some joy like we did.