I Asked, 54 People Anonymously Shared. Lose The Negative Stigma On Mental Health

 A few weeks ago, I asked on my Instagram for anyone, of any age, of any background to anonymously share their personal Mental Health journey. I asked in a few questions on a google form the following; What mental health issue do you identify and live with? What are the ways you cope? What is your age/gender?  May was mental health awareness month so I was reading through articles about it, as well as watching it transpire in my personal community and it terrified me, so much I knew I needed to do something about it.  Just hearing of these issues that people deal with daily seemed like a battle from hell and I wanted and I felt a serious tug to do something to bring light to it, cut the annoying negative stereotype and show people just how many people deal with it.  I’ve seen it affect those who I don’t know well, and those closest to me and thought I would reach out to see if people around me deal with it too.

I was overwhelmed at the response.

As soon as the google form went up I had ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty people filling these questions out with compassion and genuine truth. It was beautiful, it took me back and I laid awake at night texting my sister screenshots of these anonymous answers that totally rocked me, and sat in disbelief with Gavin over how much people were opening up. People needed a space to talk, and it was my goal to help anyone out there who may deal with this personally or someone they know and realize, you are not alone.

Not only are you not alone, but you could change or help someone else by using your voice and your wisdom. 

Wherever you are, look around and there is likely someone who is dealing with a mental health issue that you don’t even see. It’s not just the homeless guy running down the street talking to poles, it’s the totally normal, functioning, “happy” people who receive and give love to people all around them. Amazing people deal with mental health issues, daily.  These answers were humbling to read, a true testament to the idea of how fragile people are, and how freaking amazing people can be overcoming these weights every single day.

So I wanted to share these amazing answers with you today. I asked theses people  to share anonymously what they dealt with and how they coped in order to help others as I would share it. Nothing I could say will hold more weight or value than coming from the ones who spoke up. I don’t even know who these people are, but they are a part of my Instagram Community and for that i’m grateful. It’s always incredibly humbling to see people answer my questions, speak up and make themselves vulnerable for the growth of others. I hope you are as touched as I am, and can learn a thing or two as well. Who knows, maybe this will help one person and that would be enough for me.


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