What You Really Need For Your Second Baby

Before Baby # 1 I sat quietly listening to music that I thought Wyatt would like while inside my belly at 39 weeks, perfectly folding a velour jumpsuit that I somehow thought he would wear on the way home from the hospital. The baby diaper warmer sat on the dresser perfectly set up next to the little boys tee pee’s that I was certain I would have time to use after I opened up his diaper. In a peaceful quiet house, I was awaiting Braxton hicks  and reading what to expect when you’re expecting, of course.

Before Baby #2

Crap. My second child is due in 3 weeks and I haven’t even packed a hospital bag let alone washed her load of clothes in Dreft. My almost two-year old is having a tantrum, which is the only kind of music Rosie will be listening to before she is born. If I’m lucky I will have a few, extremely comfortable and warm outfits for her at the hospital, no fancy outfits here. Waste of time. In fact, while I’m at it I might as well get together some extremely large granny-like underwear because the thongs I brought to the hospital for my first-born were a joke. Thought my water broke yesterday but the hospital nurse revealed I just peed myself, great. Baby two, here we go.

I get asked quite a bit about baby stuff, usually I chose not to write about it because as soon as I think I know what I’m doing my children sense it and go crazy and make me rethink everything I’ve written about. However, the one thing I know I have in common with many moms is the seriously hilarious difference between getting ready for baby #1 and baby #2. I thought I would write today about a few essentials you need for baby #2.

1.  White Onesies

Rosie lived in these. I got a pack of the long-sleeved and short-sleeved and it was all she needed. Comfortable, soft, and you can take it off by the shoulders or the crotch which is great for throw up and/or explosions.

2. Pacifier

I remember the nurse telling me with Wyatt not to use these if they aren’t latching but if you are not breastfeeding or your child latches, I say go right ahead. This was so soothing for Rosie and myself! I would go with a newborn size for the first bit.

3. Baby Shampoo + Lotion

Babies smell like heaven anyways, but you do need to wash them and I love good bath soap. This is my favorite currently and I do love me some baby dove too.

4. Soft Swaddles

Swaddle king was what I called Gavin because he owned the swaddle game. There are so many different types but I personally like the swaddles that have a little bit of pull in them, not all cotton. This way you can wrap them up easier.


5. Socks that actually Stay On

Wyatt had a sock missing his entire first year, it wasn’t until I discovered these that I realized there is no other way around. Keeping their tiny toes warm is so important and these are the cutest little socks

6. Kickee Pants

I could swear by this brand. Hands down the softest, comfiest outfit for your little one. Rosie lived in these and they are actually cute too, I would buy a newborn size and then a 3-6 month because you can throw a onesie underneath to keep them warm if its too big.

7.  Mittens

Cutting my child’s nails tops the list as one of the most terrifying experiences as a new mom, and it didn’t get better with #2. For that reason, I can’t keep up with the nail growth rate or the way they reach for their faces every twenty seconds so mittens are my best friend. These are super inexpensive and a must!


10. Gripe Water

Those first couple weeks are funky, the belly is adjusting to milk and changes out of the womb, don’t blame them as I would have probably liked to stay in an 80 degree jacuzzi bath too. Having gripe water handy was a good thing for me and many other mamas I know! Its one of the only ways to cure a difficult ache or pain.

12. Sound machine

I don’t know why this was more necessary with number 2, possibly to drown out the sounds of Wyatt going crazy around the house haha. Either way, the sounds mimic the womb and the consistent sound really helped my babies sleep!

13. Baby Nighttime Swaddle

Okay to be totally honest I haven’t tried these but I have heard a million and a half people tell me how awesome they are. I will for sure be using these with the next baby ( not pregnant) solely based on the reviews of others.

14. Lanolin

Breastfeeding was not an easy latch, flawless experience. I remember sitting with my toes curled crying because I was in so much pain and I swear by the lesson that just before you’re about to quit it gets better. It truly does. Lanolin helped me tons up until that moment where it was enjoyable.

15. Ergo Baby Carrier

Number two doesn’t get quite the amount of one on one time and going to the grocery store will be impossible until he/she can sit in a stroller. Trust me, I’ve tried to grocery shop with a toddler in the front area and Rosie’s car seat in the cart which allowed space for about 4 items.  Plus, baby wearing is one of my favorite things to do and they sleep way longer and you don’t have to worry about strangers asking to hold or get awkwardly close to your newborn. I’ve worked with Ergo Baby and they are still my #1 recommendation

16. “Baby Taco”

I’ve done the dock a tot and all the fancy things but this has by far been the best for me, it’s certainly not named the baby taco but that’s what I call it because well, it looks like a taco hah. It isn’t even that expensive but the angle and the vibration helped my little newborn so much. It was a great way to put her down for a nap or between feedings at night. Also, its 30%  off right now so if you know someone who is pregnant or expecting this would be a great Christmas gift!

Hope this list helps! I love addressing your questions and your requests.  This specific topic was for my friend Maggie and a few others who have asked previously! Love hearing from you all, have a good day!

Happy Thursday




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  1. Sheryl Brigham
    December 12, 2018 / 11:05 pm

    Hi Stephanie!

    Thanks so m uch for writing this post! I forwarded it to my daughter in law who is 7 months preggie with her first(and our first grandbaby 🙂 You included so much helpful info that I think she will really enjoy reading about. Love your honesty about everything!!

    Sheryl Brigham

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