Stand Strong X Steph Burkard and Friends : Time to Help!

The Holidays are not the holidays unless you think about helping someone else out, simple as that. Its the foundation of why this season is so wonderful, in fact kindness is the soul of this season.

A few months back I got to thinking about the purpose of my blog, the why, the reason I even sit down at the coffee shop and spend time away from my kids and family. I do it because I want to genuinely help and impact people’s lives, by sharing the genuine and real life I live. I want to live my best day and help you live yours, and honestly there is nothing that makes me better than helping someone else. I want you to do the same, duh!

This year I wanted to find something that we all have in common, and find a charity that is close to my heart. I value family, I care for children and I’m sure you do too. This year I chose to partner with Stand Strong which is formally known as the women’s shelter of San Luis Obispo. I met with the team at Stand Strong and together we created a special campaign that I cross my fingers and hope hope hope you will join me in!

Here’s the breakdown.

Who we are Helping They help families escape bad situations and give housing and the means needed to continue to live a normal life. In the midst of crisis, there is no doubt that children are the ones who are the victims, its horrible and sometimes when I think too long about it my stomach actually hurts. These little lives have no choice but to live in these conditions, and I want to do something for them. Something special, and I hope you do it with me.

How we are helping:  We are adopting families whose children I have the names and wish lists from, with those lists we will together grant their wishes for toys, clothes, and items that will light up their little faces. It is my hope that together we can give these children a reason to smile!


  1. I received all the individual lists (seen below) from the Stand Strong foundation and from there I created a huge list on amazon where the items are located. The reason I did this list is because there are so many of you that i don’t know, which is awesome, i need to be able to keep track of what gifts have been purchased.
  2. What you are going to do is scroll down and look at all the wish lists. When you see something you want to get, click on the amazon registry link and scroll down until you see the item. Once you purchase the item, i will know on my end that the gift is covered, and so will the next person because when they go to buy the same soccer ball, it will say purchased. This is the reason why i need you to buy from Amazon, its the only way i can keep track of what has/needs to be purchased. Also, I do not receive any commission or profit from this whatsoever, just need a single place where I can keep track of all the items.
  3. You have TWO options after you purchase your items. You can have them shipped to your house from Amazon and then bring them to the wrapping party on December 13th OR if you are not able to make the wrapping party and just want to donate you can have them shipped to the address listed and I will receive those gifts and bring them to the wrapping party!
  4. WRAPPING PARTY This is a big deal and I really hope you can make it because this will really bring us all together and to be honest,  I need your help wrapping these gifts! After contacting Cafe Andreini and securing the date DECEMBER 13TH 7PM they called and said they wanted to sponsor the event. So amazing, so they will be hosting all of us there! You can come, wrap a few gifts and buy some wine and drinks and celebrate the awesome job you did!

Okay have I babbled enough? haha just want to make sure we are clear on everything!

  1. Scroll below and look at the lists
  2. Choose which item you want to get
  3. Click on Amazon registry and find your gift
  4. Send the gift to yourself OR to me if you can’t make the wrapping party
  5. Go to my latest Instagram post and in my comments tell me what present you got.
  6. Wrapping party December 13th 7pm Cafe Andreini Arroyo Grande – special thanks again to them for hosting us!




Here are the lists that they filled out, i thought it was better to take a picture of the lists so you can really see how real this all is, just how much of an impact you are going to make on a real life.


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