Our Family Camping Trip + How Our Plans Changed For The Better

Ah! Rosie just fell asleep and Wyatt is at preschool so I’m taking my time and ignoring my giant pile of camping gear that needs to be put away in order to write about an amazing little getaway we just got back from.

If I close my eyes I can still hear Wyatt giggling with his grandma over a funny peanut song as they sat together on a camping bench, my nephew in a homeschool session in the tent putting numbers together with Brea, and the sound of the truck’s diesel engine as Gavin returned back from an early morning surf session with his dad, brother and uncle. It was one of those getaways where you look around, breath and think “this is life.”

You wouldn’t have had any idea at that moment that our Studabaker Camper overheated 4 miles from the campsite the day before and changed our plans entirely.

Ill never forget looking behind me as Gavin pulled off the side of the 101 with an engine blowing smoke everywhere. When I finally turned around and got to the side with him he goes “look, we are not going to say one thing negative about this, we are going to stay positive and everything is going to be just fine.” What was supposed to be our “home” for camping was completely unpacked and shoved into my 4Runner within minutes and brought to the campsite. What was going to be an indoor living trailer turned into a new 5 person tent, sleeping bags, and an outdoor kitchen. I have been working a lot on mindset lately and this was one instance where having practiced a bit totally paid off because we turned what could have been a disaster into a laughable and light adventure. Looking back it was a ton of fun and I’m happy to share that little adventure because its one we won’t forget.

When we got settled into our tent, the kids were going crazy with excitement. Camping is not new to Gavin, his Eagle Scout kicked right in and he was getting all organized and teaching me everything he could think of, I loved it. Me, on the other hand, can’t remember a time in my life I slept in a tent. I was a rookie at age 28 which is a little embarrassing but hey we all have to start somewhere.

There were seventeen people and two dogs total camping with us in our group spot at El Capitan Campsite so you can imagine the fun and craziness that was going on. Wyatt and Rosie were practically held by someone else for three days straight. They were in heaven. Being the little kids they were constantly entertained by cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. From playing catch with Jarom, Ninja Turtles with Jedidiah, getting bottle fed by Naomi, learning to cook pumpkin cake with Auntie Keara, or holding Auntie Brea’s hands down into the ocean my kids were on a life high. So many times I sat and thought to myself how precious family time outdoors really is.

The second day was spent at the beach and Wyatt and Rosie loved every second of it. Rosie was obsessed with the Ocean and was trying to get anyone and everyone to take her into it. Wyatt was busy chasing around his cousins Jeremiah and Forrest trying to learn and watch whatever they were doing. It was so fun to sit on the beach with my mother in and law and sister in law just watching the kids run around and the guys hop from activity to activity. That night I went and got a Campsite map with my nephew Jeremiah and together with some of my nieces we created a treasure hunt around the campground. Kids went crazy searching the area and finding the gold chocolate coins. I can still picture them all walking like a train, hands on each other’s shoulders from area to area.

Driving home I couldn’t help but think about a few things I will leave you with here today…

there is serous power in unplugging
going somewhere where you have to create fun is well worth the energy you put into it
making time for family is the most important and valuable use of time
when plans change, go with it.


Happy Thursday everyone!



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