Our Kind of Kindness Challenge: Week 1

Happy Monday everyone! I am so beyond excited to do this challenge with you all. I feel a little funky calling it a challenge because doing kind things should come easily and naturally however when life gets going and our own days get busy and full of things it can be a challenge to actually stop, be conscious, and do something kind for someone. Knowing there are people like you out there who are consciously trying to make this world a better place warms my heart. You people are good.

SO where do we start? Week 1 will start in the most important place we have, home. That doesn’t necessarily mean the home you grew up in or the four walls that surround you… home can be a place you feel most comported and peaceful. Maybe your “home” is the gym, your workplace, a sorority house or relatives home. Home is where you go to fuel up, where you are energized and appreciated by those you love.

“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.” – Mother Theresa

The reason we are starting at home is because taking care of those love and showing them kindness is MOST important. Once we get don with the home we will work our way out and out, each week will be a different “place!”

So.. HERE Is what we are doing this week! Starting simple.

Take a piece of paper, a sticky note, some tape and a pen. We are going to write a random note, a word of affirmation, a positive saying, a kind sentiment and sticking it in a place that our loved one will see. This is simple, I know. I truly believe that starting simple, will help us with the longevity in creating habits of kindness. Sure you can keep it simple, or make it extravagant, totally up to you!! Be creative with where you hide it! Choose a spot or a saying that will really resonate with that person and make it thoughtful! You can do one note or you can take your person all around your home in a little scavenger hunt, you do what you feel prompted to do! Just be sure to write it out, there is something so unique these days about things that have been written by hand not over the phone or email!

For example, Gavin and Wyatt are in the shower right now so I decided to write Gavin a note and put it in between his ties! I know he will be going through them in the next few days getting ready for work!


For Wyatt, I am going to put his little note in a book we will read! He may not fully understand what it is, but when we find it I will act surprised and be sure to read it to him aloud!


Here are some ideas I was thinking of too!

Note in the..

Coffee maker – inside the refrigerator – in a shoe –  in a jacket pocket – in a planner book – On the windshield of the car – Mailbox – Where someone will look up and see – taped to the back of the channel changer –

Be sure to take pictures of your ideas, I am going to keep a collection of all our photos and share them! We have a group of over 100 people, literally all ages which I LOVE so you are not alone in this challenge and I want to create a little community! You can put it up on Instagram and tag me or email me at Scburkard@gmail.com!

Good luck people! We have all week  so go small and do one note or go big and do some for your entire family! I am proud of all of you guys, this world needs more of this!

Have THE best day!

xo, Stephanie


Kindness Challenge


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  1. February 12, 2018 / 10:52 pm

    STEPH! I love this so much! I am totally going to be doing this in our home. Can’t wait for the future weeks already in this challenge 🙂

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