Postpartum Fitness Tips, Mom Guilt + Lalabu Leggings

Four months ago you could find me with an In N Out double cheeseburger, animal style french fries and a big ice water all balanced on my 9month pregnant belly. The days approaching delivery were a total free for all and I took serious advantage of it. Fast forward to today, 4 months postpartum, exactly! My In N Out order looks a bit different, and my belly not so big. The adjustment has been tough. I’ve had my great moments and not so great but all in all, completely worth it.

Postpartum fitness can really suck, I equate it to our bodies being thrown into a blender with little to no direction of how to put all the pieces back together. To be honest, it’s much harder going back to working out when your main priority is being a mother, and your body feels so different. Somewhere in our brains is this giant area called mom guilt and I don’t know if you have it, but I do and it weighs heavily on me! I felt like investing in “me” was a bit selfish but boy was I wrong. Taking care of myself means taking care of them.. Gavin Wyatt & Rosie. The second I realized that, I pushed through.

Three pieces of advice I would give to you that work for me are:

1. Get Up Before them or Stay up later: I ️ ️ found that if I worked out during a time I wouldn’t normally be with them made me feel much better. Mornings for me are by far the best time, I set my alarm and pack my clothes the night before. I literally roll out of bed, brush my teeth, and roll to the gym. My alarm is set at 5:30AM with the quote “Now or Never. Get Up.”

2. Tighten my Ponytail and get after it: Y’all better watch out when you see a girl tighten her ponytail, it generally means it’s about to get serious. When i’m at the gym, I work hard. It is my time, I want to use it wisely. It’s easy to get distracted on your phone or doze off in distraction but I know the time I have is limited and if I don’t use it wisely, it’s gone before I know it.

3. Get Ready! immediately after! Once I get home, it is no time before my babies wake up and my job is back on. When I get back from the gym I jump in the shower and get “ready ” even if that means putting leggings and a tee on. It makes me feel like my day is beginning and even if I don’t leave the house, I still feel ready and I don’t smell haha. Being dressed is a small act that really changes my attitude and outlook on the day ahead. That brings me to my favorite pair of leggings that have aided in my postpartum journey… Lalabu Leggings.

Today I’m teaming up with Lalabu, featuring their leggings because these suckers are life savers. Not just for postpartum bodies although that is what they are intended for, they suck in and push back, work their magic. If I could wear leggings every moment of my life, these would be them. I’ve tried all brands of leggings, and these certainly win. They are high up reaching just below the belly button, perfectly hiding the kangaroo pouch that held my babies. They are thick and dark for full coverage, because nothing is worse than a pair of see through leggings. I’ll continue to wear them for months because they squeeze tight in my abdomen area and give good support to my back as I lug around my kids! Check out their options here

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Hope you all have an amazing weekend!



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