Rosie's Birth Story with Pinhole Press

Ever look back on a day and wish you could bottle up all the feelings you were feeling and keep it on endless supply? August 1st was one of those days… the happiness and excitement was on a level that no mother can really explain, its honestly heaven on earth for a moment. Then reality hits… haha just kidding. But really, the day Rosie was born was the easiest, calmest and most peaceful day that I wish I could relive over and over, minus the contractions of course.


It went a little like this.

Doctors told me I would deliver a few weeks early, so in true mom fashion I was ready for weeks and weeks thinking she was coming early. All you mamas know, the anticipation of waiting for your child to arrive is brutal, I felt like I was at an airport waiting for a plane whose arrival time was unknown. I was over thinking she was coming early so I happily joined my sister and my (now new sister) Gracey for a bachelorette party in Los Olivos! It was the best, we had massages and then went out to eat where I naturally ordered an entire bowl of hot wings and in true 39 week pregnant lady fashion, didn’t share. I actually don’t even think I made eye contact or took a breath and before I knew it the entire bowl was gone haha.

Cue the labor.

I went back to the hotel, knew I was starting labor and drove home to Gavin and Wyatt. Timed my contractions, and as they got closer and closer I was able to take a shower and get into game mode. I didn’t wake Gavin up because I knew that if my labor was going to be anything like Wyatt’s he would need a ton of energy and could use some sleep. Fast forward to 5:30am when my contractions were 5 minutes apart. I called my mom of course, and my Dad came and stayed with Wyatt until my Aunt Stephanie scooped him up and took him for a day of fun. His last hooray as an only child I guess. I swear the best thing I did was put Wyatt into the hands of someone I trust and love because I didn’t worry about him a single second that day.




6:45 we arrived at the hospital – 4.5cm

Get me the epidural. I am tough, but I’m all for modern medicine.


^ My mom and dad ^ Could they be any cuter?!

Within an hour of having the epidural things got moving quick. The hospital room was packed, just how I liked it. My adorable Papa who I am sure you have seen in videos is our favorite, and was an OBGYN for 30+ years and delivered over 3K babies… so I obviously wanted him there. Fun fact, he actually delivered me! The nurses at the hospital were on their best behavior when word got around he was in the building, they flooded in and out saying hi taking pictures as if he was a celebrity.


My Mom, Sister, Dad, Mother in Law Maile, Papa and Grandma all joined Gavin and I for the birth and it was a decision we made together. They were all amazing, having them there was a decision I still feel so good about because they all mean the world to us.

Rosie was born after pushing 12 minutes at 11:53am , on her due date August 1st.


^ As Rosie was being born my dad got this shot. my favorite ^


We were in the hospital for for four hours before she was born, and like any new parents we were in awe. Her tiny features and calm demeanor set the tone for everyone that came in to meet her. Wyatt was one of the first and he loved her, and the present “she” got him even more. As time went on and once Gavin took her, Wyatt sat in awe, almost as if he knew it was something really special. But just as any 2 year old, he was over it and onto the next thing within 5 minutes. The waiting room was flooded with the greatest family and they all came in to say hi and meet little Ro. I could almost cry thinking of how amazing the support we have is. We are blessed, and Rosie will grow to see that.


We were excited to get home and just be. Our short hospital stay of 24 hours was wonderful, the staff was incredible especially our dear friend Marilyn. Is it weird I’m excited to go back for our third? Kidding, we are waiting a little bit before our next!

Rosie’s birth was incredible, and Pinhole Press gave me the opportunity to create this memory in a keepsake form of a little Petite Photo Book. If you want to, you can order one below! It is literally the easiest little book to create, its $9.99 takes five minutes.   I even wrote her birth story in the front page and on the back a little note for Rosie to read when she gets older!

Take Me To The Layout Photo Book!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!!







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