A Week to Remember… or Forget. Bumpdate

This week I ripped a pair of pregnancy jeans and found out I weigh just about as much as my dad. It was a rather embarrassing moment as I couldn’t help but tell him that we weigh about the same and laughed about it till I cried..or maybe it was that I cried about it until I laughed haha. Granted he isn’t a huge guy but whoa, talk about a week to remember.. or forget haha! I swore to you all that I would keep it real and honest and so you will be finding just that today as I talk a little about my pregnancy! Aside from those rather horrifying pregnancy moments that we all have, this pregnancy has been extremely enjoyable. I am constantly reminded that there is literally a little life growing inside me and nothing makes me want to be comfortable in my skin and confident in my body than knowing ill be having a little girl looking up to me. In fact, last pregnancy at this time I was swollen, wearing braces on my hands for carpal tunnel and my poor feet were so swollen I  think my indestructible rainbow sandals were shedding tears trying to keep it together! I chop it up to much less salt and a LOT more water, I swear those simple changes have me still wearing my rings and feeling very very healthy! Now, I just need this nugget to come out so I can workout and bounce back for the four weddings I’m in over the next 4 months! Wish me luck…anyone interested in hopping on my “get fit” train is welcome 🙂


As far as when little Rosie will be arriving,  last week our Doctor predicted she will make her appearance mid-July! If she is right, we are looking at 3 weeks… and with that I have a to-do list a foot long and thankfully a great team of people here to help a mama out!  I wish I could keep this whole nesting feeling throughout the year, my life would be so much more enjoyable and organized! I am a fly by the seat of my pants mama and well, things have been freakishly planned and structured lately its actually starting to freak Gavin out.



With all that being said, I thought I would share a little list of some of my favorite items I’ve used during pregnancy and would highly suggest to any mama expecting or a friend looking to gift the perfect item for the mama to be! My all time favorite discovery this pregnancy is Maternity Spanx. If you are pregnant and don’t have them, do yourself a big favor and order up. Hope you are all doing great, I am grateful to have this platform to share our family journey and look forward to lots of good fun and happy news ahead!


  1. Pregnancy Spanx
  2. Pregnancy Dress
  3. Water Bottle
  4. Lululemon Leggings High Rise
  5. My All Time Favorite T Shirt 
  6. Sonic Face Washer 
  7. Body Lotion from Heaven


  1. Stephanie Dickens
    July 1, 2017 / 5:44 am

    You are Beautiful . Carrying a child is amazing. Such a gift from God that we have been blessed to do . It’s crazy what our bodies can do. You look so beautiful .

  2. Irene Zook
    July 3, 2017 / 3:18 pm

    Love you Steph!

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