Mama Bird Box Giveaway!

Good morning friends! I genuinely hope this post reaches you at a happy point in your day. My day always looks bright when I can get to my computer and write, even if that means my child is dancing around me with an Oreo at 9am! As you probably know by now, I just got back from the best girls weekend in Charleston celebrating my sweet best friend from college who is getting married in a few months!  Let me be the first to tell you, girls weekends are SO necessary and having little Rosie there with us all made it even better!  I can’t wait to blog about my trip and brag a little about my amazing husband who took care of our little man while I was away!

I love going on trips but nothing beats coming home to my boys, they are the lights of my life I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to love them forever and ever.  Another surprise, aside from a clean home, was my Mama Bird Box! They reached out to me and of course I was interested in receiving their product because to me it is the perfect gift for any Mama to Be! Plus, we are doing a giveaway and who doesn’t love free stuff?!


Mama Bird Box is a subscription box that arrives at your (or the mama to be in your life’s) door full of items that correspond with the month in pregnancy! These boxes encourage moms towards a healthy, happy pregnancy and are full of 4-6 items I’m certain you will love! When you sign up, or send a gift, you input the mother’s due date and the box that arrives corresponds with that month in pregnancy!


This company has nailed the perfect way to spoil the mama, and in turn the little baby growing inside! Grandma’s, aunties, best friends, this is the perfect gift to give to the sweet mama to be in your life! Cost is $34.95/month, $94.85/3 months, $209.75 for 7 months and all come with free shipping! Use coupon code TAKEFIVE for $5 off your first order!

Who doesn’t love a happy, healthy mama to be! Below are the contents that I received in my box for 7 months pregnant! As I write this, Wyatt is chowing down on the chocolate covered Oreo… I pick my battles and getting it away from him is not going to be one of them!


I am excited to announce that we are doing a giveaway ONE box to be shipped to you or the mama of your choice! Details can be found on my Instagram here!

Hope you all have an amazing week, thanks for stopping by!




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