2017 Egg Roll Winner & Easter Recap

Any weekend that surrounds the goodness of Christ, the importance of recognizing our blessings, and family is bound to be a good one. Easter weekend was one for the books, and with two full days of celebration I sit here Monday morning with my heart and belly full of food and happiness.


Saturday we spent with Gavin’s family for a little Easter Egg hunt and BBQ with extended family. This was the first year Wyatt actually understood the concept of finding eggs and placing them in the basket… still no idea that the eggs were full of goodies. After his bag was full, he would dump it over and start new again. It was a great opportuntiy to take his eggs and give them to the older kids because he didn’t know any different! Wyatt is the youngest boy of all his cousins (all a year apart 1,2,3,4 years old)  so anytime spent at the Burkards is full of squirt guns, tractors, trucks, occasional wrestling matches or unwarranted take down in the grass. The youngest is a little girl, Lila, precious as ever who will soon have a best friend to run away from all the boys with.





IMG_7373Sunday we woke up to our new tradition of Monkey Bread, coffee and reading the story of Jesus’ resurrection in a children’s bible story book to Wyatt.  We got dressed, loaded Tank into the truck, and headed to meet my family for Church. It was so special, I love going to church when my family is there because we literally take up the entire row! Wyatt played with his new toy Bronco as we sat there in celebration, so grateful for everything that Easter stands for.


As always, my mom hosted a big family gathering at her house where the 26 year old tradition of the “Egg Roll” commenced. The entire family, ages 1 to 81 put in their names and the bracket was created. I was out the first round of course, but Wyatt and Gavin made it to the quarter finals and lost to my grandpa  who is 79 years old. I was happy to see them lose to my adorable grandpa because he loved it!







We sat around, cheered and laughed as my Mom was crowned the 2017 Egg Roll Champion. A random trophy was used for the epic group shot you’ll see below. Exhausted, happy and full we packed up our things and headed on home.




IMG_7143There is nothing quite like family, and boy did we luck out with two amazing ones. Gavin and I constantly talk about how lovely it is that our families truly did join together when we got married. We are one big, diverse family.  The love and understanding  everyone has for one another is more than I could have dreamed of and I know it is because we all share the same love for Jesus Christ.. and good BBQ 🙂

Hope you all had an amazing Easter Weekend!




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