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Happy Hump Day everyone! Feels like its been a while since we’ve chatted so I hope these past two weeks have been filled with lots of happiness. Things over in our life have been going… nonstop! Wyatt is practically running around, getting into just about everything he shouldn’t be in, and I spend most of my days laughing at all my mom fails. We are so excited to reach November, the month of gratefulness, family, and lots of food… a wonderful combo if you ask me!



Today I’m talking about one of my favorite girls and her passion which she has brought to fruition rather beautifully in the form of jewelry. Meet, Megan Stark. She is the stunning designer behind Stark the Label, a stylish and trendy jewelry company out of Venice Beach, California. img_6942

 Her passion for jewelry started as the jewelry market didn’t have much to offer in regards to her style so she took it upon herself to create her own. Not surprisingly, people were in awe of her creations and soon after graduating from the University of Colorado, launched her Etsy store and moved to Venice, California. You can find her designing these amazing pieces in her bungalow with her St. Bernard at her feet and a fine glass of wine by her side!
I am obsessed with all of her pieces, but Megan was able to send me a few pieces of her new 2016 Fall Line and let me tell you, if you want to give THE cutest gift for Christmas or Hanukkah, look no further.  Her jewelry is affordable for all and ssuper stylish, two reasons why we are doing an amazing giveaway on my Instagram, so go check out the details there!
Hope you all have a great rest of the week, we will be announcing the winner next week and I hope you win! I am always so inspired by women who pursue their passion so naturally I had to get a piece of advice from her that I wanted to leave you with today.
“Leap before you look. You’ll figure it out as you go and great things will come to those who step outside of their comfort zone.” – Megan Stark 
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