I'll Never Pass Up Fair Junk Food: Mid State Fair


Talk about a fresh start, its a Monday and its the first of the month, I feel like I should be starting something today like a diet or setting a goal to reach! We have a super exciting month ahead of us, Wyatt turns 1, fun work changes for Gavin, and we are headed to Wyatts first Major league game to watch the White Sox.. so be prepared for some fun blog updates 🙂

Today I’m sharing our last minute adventure to the California Mid State Fair. Sounds super cheesy but Gavin and I literally fell in love during the mid state fair years back, so bringing Wyatt this year was extra special as we talked and walked through the place where we have so many great memories.



Wyatt absolutely loved the fair, the bright lights and loud sounds of the rides had him pointing right and left, making happy noises as he observed the craziness from Gavin’s shoulders. We bought a few tickets and took Wyatt on the Merry Go Round, he loved it. He wasn’t too sure of it when it began, in fact Gavin and I both thought for a moment he was getting sick but thankfully his blank stare turned into a big smile and we were all good haha.

IMG_7078 2IMG_7175 2IMG_7033


We had a Big Bubbas Bad BBQ for dinner, and enjoyed plenty of bomb desserts! Being together with just the three of us was literally the best, as we walked to our car we chatted about how much fun it was to watch Wyatt enjoy something so much. We knew that watching him enjoy things would bring us happiness but we had no idea it would be that wonderful. Any of you guys have memories of watching your kid enjoy something so much? I would love to hear about them!

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Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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  1. tonimccracken
    August 2, 2016 / 12:35 am

    Steph – love your blog updates. You have a gift with writing and you both have an eye with the camera capturing such special moments that will last forever!

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