Beach Buns and Starfish: Shell Beach

Since Gavin and I started dating, the tide pools have always been a spot he loves to go. Something about the ocean is so therapeutic for us both, we are so grateful we get to live so close to the ocean!  Gavin has been counting down the days until he could bring Wyatt to enjoy his favorite thing to do, so one morning he got up and literally started packing the cooler announcing it was time to take him!  Its even more adorable because gavin truly believes wyatt is his clone in baby form and that comes with knowing everything he will like/not like to do… I go along with it obviously. Shell Beach is an amazing beach, especially with Wyatt. He loved the tide pools, exploring all the little nooks and crannies and getting to see the sea life up close and personal. It is much better than behind glass at an aquarium, and much cheaper.  The sand is coarse so its not getting stuck in every crease, and the position of the beach sits on a cliff so there is ample shade to relax in. The parking is super easy, and after a short walk down a flight of stairs you arrive at what seems like your own private beach! Our favorite beach hands down if you can’t tell 🙂

We packed a lunch and spent the afternoon searching around the tide pools watching Wyatt explore and discover all sorts of new things! From tiny crabs (that Wyatt tried to eat), lobster shells, sea anenamies, and starfish there was no shortage of sea life where we were looking!

Thinking of going? Be sure to check the tide to make sure you are going at low tide so you can access the pools. Click here to check the daily tide report.


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  1. Bethi
    July 14, 2016 / 5:42 am

    These Pictures are the best!! Mini Gav clone for sure! (: love Shell ….Best place to watch the the sunset too! wish I could be there right now!(:

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