Bubblegum Alley and Batch Ice Cream

Ice Cream is our thing. We love it. Going out to ice cream, dessert, basically anything sweet is our jam and we go to it probably more often than we should!  Its easy for us to do something like dessert with Wyatt because its delicious and we don’t have to worry about sitting and bothering people around us eating. It’s the perfect little family date. This awesome little spot called Batch in San Luis Obispo is worth a visit, its’ locally owned, fresh, and has ice cream sandwiches to die for. Choose your warm cookie, type of ice cream and bam you’ve got a melted piece of heaven in your hands ready to enjoy. We took a little trip there after work and took Wyatt to Bubblegum Alley.

Bubblegum Alley is insane, literally years of people’s chewed gum stuck on the wall and although it sounds unsanitary and disgusting it is actually epic. Colors upon colors to look at for Wyatt, and for a kid that loves to touch everything he only managed to grab the gum wall once ha ha. It was a simple little night for our family but it took up a few hours and we loved it.


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