Little by Little One Travels Far

Adventure is an adventure no matter how small. As a new mom and wife with a husband who works full time, recreating the amazing adventures that grace our social media platforms seem nearly impossible. The vivid images of unbelievable destinations can be so inspiring, yet so unrealistic for our lifestyle. Not long ago in conversation with Gavin we realized that adventure to those amazing travelers is so different than our kind of adventure. Sure we would love to travel the world, take months off at a time and see the amazing spots this world has to offer, but if we did that we would miss out on the part of life we love and cherish the most. Our adventures are little, they are feasible for us in this stage of life. We have limits but we also have endless opportunity to create something out of those limitations. After all, finding adventure in those little things is the greatest adventure in itself!

Port San Luis Obispo was our choice of adventure this week. Located about 2 miles past Avila Beach, “Port Slo” is easily accessible and a perfect place for a family afternoon. Years ago we would spend our time at the pier on a date to Old Port Inn, and with a Wyatt now we decided to head into the fresh fish market! We checked out all the fresh and locally caught fish, the fisherman showed Wyatt his first crab, and we walked the pier and laughed at the seals. It was such a great little adventure for our little family, hope you mamas can add this to your list of mini adventures! Happy Saturday!


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  1. Kathie Saunders
    June 12, 2016 / 4:12 am

    When Jes (and his sister) were little we visited Moro Bay Aquarium, it was a wonderful memory and we revisited it 20 years later, with Jes, when we visited him last September! Those memories you are making now will last a lifetime!

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